14 March 2015

Make up review - lips

Since I discovered my new passion for lip make up, I bought few products lately, I'd like to share them with you. You would get a video with this but my camera and video editor are not friends yet. I'll do it the old fashioned way.
Before reading: I do apologize for bad quality pictures. I was so excited to show this to you that I couldn't wait for better lighting. I hope you'll get the real impression and that I will provide enough information for you to find what you are looking for.
M.A.C.'s red lipstick is the first on my list. I bought in M.A.C.'s store for about $20. The shade color is named  AA4 Ruby Woo and it's a thick retro matte red color. I would personally recommend this one to anyone who is willing to step out of the box and who dares to wear something this distinct. It is really long lasting (I had it almost all day, ate, drank, talked...), it can't be removed with water, you'll have to use some kind of makeup removal (I used baby oil), it does not leave marks on glasses... The price is a bit high if you're not a professional make up artist but I think you won't regret it. It should last for a long time since you only need to put one layer on each lip for the perfect effect.

Another lipstick that I bought just few days ago is this great nude lipstick with just a shred of red, I could say bronze, in it. It is 06 Barely there lipstick by Essence. Normally you wouldn't say that a lipstick for $3 would be of that good quality but it is also long lasting one. It said that in the Essence department in the local store, but I didn't put much hope into it. I bought it for everyday use because it really looks natural and it's not intrusive at all. It is only few shades darker than my lips. I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised.

There's also one more dark lipstick that I frequently use. It's Maybelline's dark cherry. I can't say where it is from because it was my mom's present. I also don't know the price, but I guess you can compare it to any other Maybelline's lipstick and say it's around $9. I actually didn't see this model anywhere, but maybe only the appearance changed so look for the name of the color. It's 235 Blackcurrant Bliss color. Just be careful with this one because it likes to leave marks on your teeth. Make sure you clean the inner part of the lip if you have put the lipstick in a hurry.

Before I bought Essence's lipstick mentioned before, on daily basis I used Essence's lip gloss. As much as I'm informed about them, lip glosses aren't that long lasting. They just provide really great shine and they are mostly more natural looking than lipsticks. They are really great for every day and every occasion which is really important to me especially because I'm in class every day. This particular lip gloss costs $2 which is nothing an there's a really big bottle of it so you can really use is often and it won't disappear that quickly. And in case if it does, it's $2. What else you you need? Shade is named 07 Big night out.

P.S. There are no stars on lipstick and lip gloss. I put them there because my mother and me have the same ones. And i would recommend you looking at the right picture. It's the one without a flash light and I think it shows the color better than the left one.