13 April 2015

Nail care in two ways

I have two ways to show you how I treat my nails. It depends on how much time do you have and how much do you actually care about your nails.

No. 1 - I have extra free time
  • Take off your nail polish with nail polish remover. If it won't go off immediately, don't scratch it, here's a way - click here and here.
  • Take a bath. Warm water will help your nails and mixing warm water with shower gel or shampoo will make your nails more shiny and they will look healthier. Afterwards, dry them properly.
  • Push the cuticle into your nail root. Do not cut it!
  • Wait until your nails get back into the normal shape (water kinda deforms them, makes them wider). Then apply base protecting coat. I use Protecting base coat by Essence.
  • Once the nail polish is dry, put a bit of oil (nail oil or eatable, it doesn't matter really) to the cuticle of each nail and spread it gently with clean fingers.
  • Wait until the oils soaks in and you're ready to go.
No. 2 - I want pretty nails fast (basically the upper method only simpler)
  • Take off your nail polish.
  • Wash your hands. If you have time, wash it twice. First time is only for removing dirt, second one counts. You can also use baby wipes.
  • Push the cuticle into the root. Again, do not cut it!
  • Apply base coat.
  • Apply oil to the cuticle.
  • Once everything is dry, you're done.
Tips: Always wear base coat. Not only it makes your nails shinier, but also protects your nails and makes them stronger. Especially wear base coat if you have dark colors on your nails. Dark colors can make your nails turn yellow. Also, base coats usually have formulas to actually protect your nails, while any other nail polish is usually just pure chemistry which is ultimately bad for your nails. 

02 April 2015

Changing blog address!

I know I said just a few posts back that I won't change my address because I have already changed it once, but this is actually the last post under this address. I will not stop writing but my blog did change few major topics since it exists. I started only with nails, nail care and nail art but then I started to talk about fashion and I did all the fashion outfits by myself. Now I started with make up too, so it's not right that everything stays the same. My blog has changed, so will the title and so will the address. I really hope you won't hold this against me, and that you'll go and look at my new blog. I changed the theme and the cover photo, so that's always interesting to see. 
Old address (this one) is:
From now on you'll be able to find me at:
If you can find me, go to this blog - Beehive and you'll find the link to my new beauty blog on the right under a name of "Royalty Beauty".
Anyways, see you soon at the new address. Love you :*