02 April 2015

Changing blog address!

I know I said just a few posts back that I won't change my address because I have already changed it once, but this is actually the last post under this address. I will not stop writing but my blog did change few major topics since it exists. I started only with nails, nail care and nail art but then I started to talk about fashion and I did all the fashion outfits by myself. Now I started with make up too, so it's not right that everything stays the same. My blog has changed, so will the title and so will the address. I really hope you won't hold this against me, and that you'll go and look at my new blog. I changed the theme and the cover photo, so that's always interesting to see. 
Old address (this one) is:
From now on you'll be able to find me at:
If you can find me, go to this blog - Beehive and you'll find the link to my new beauty blog on the right under a name of "Royalty Beauty".
Anyways, see you soon at the new address. Love you :*

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