29 June 2017

Floral summer evening

These outfits were meant to be an ideal summer evening choices, but with this weird weather, I might be needing a jacket all day long. What ever happens with the weather, I hope you'll get those perfect summer evenings with people you love the most! Have fun and enjoy my picks...
 Note: All outfits can be found on the links below pictures and all items are visible on the links. Just hover over the item and you'll see the name, brand, where to get it and the price.

26 June 2017

L'Oreal Paris Sublime bronze tanning tissues

If you only knew me, you would know I'm against fake tanning. And I don't just mean fake tanning in salons because that can have a bad impact on your skin. I'm talking about all kinds of fake tanning. I think it's unnecessary, people usually go overboard and white people end up being so unnaturally dark. I'm very comfortable with being very white or whatever color sun actually gives me.
However, I got in this one situation where I reached for a fake tan. To be precise, I bought these L'Oreal tanning tissues. I was at this outdoor event and I burned really bad! But after few days of taking care of it, it actually turned into a dark brown color which was great, but now I have a problem cause I was wearing a top with wide straps and now I have distinct line between light and dark skin.

19 June 2017

No post this week


I'm informing you that there will be no posts this week, I'll start again next week.

I'm taking my exams now and I have to fully concentrate on that.

Thank you for coming and understanding.

15 June 2017

Simply straight straightening brush

This past Christmas my family decided to surprise me with lots of stuff, among other, a hair curler and a hair straightener. Until now, I only had hair straightener which is now old, doesn't do it's job well and if you compare it with some other products out there, it's basically sh*t. Have in mind I got it about 10 years ago. So now I finally have proper hair salon at home.
Note: Mine is from TopShop commercials, but you can find it on Amazon here.

12 June 2017

Real Techniques expert face brush

I never wanted branded brushes, expensive ones. I just needed a good brush that would make my make-up routine a bit easier. Foundation is the most important part of your make-up and we all want it to be good, quick and easy. I then saw a lot of reviews and videos featuring this brush so I decided to give it a try.
Expert face brush

08 June 2017

Balea beauty box

I got this cute package for my birthday (in January) and I only tried this now. For some reason, I wanted a perfect, calm evening for pampering in peace. I finally got that evening and here's a review.

In this box, I got one bath bomb, one shower gel and one body souffle (or body lotion). I've never tried bath bomb before so this was very new to me. I filled my tub with warm/hot water and the relaxing evening could start.

05 June 2017

Rose-gold ombre abstract nails

This is more a mix of rose-gold, bronze and pink color, but it's still a super fun and easy manicure. As usual, I started with no idea what I'm going to do and then, about an hour and a half later, this was done.

01 June 2017

Catrice Professional contouring palette

I haven't written a review since March. OK, I'm back. I usually start my posts with "If you know me, you'd know...", but I know I don't post myself here so you probably don't know. This one is about bronzing, contouring and highlighting. I bought this duo few months ago and it's time I share my thoughts with you. It's Catrice Prime and fine Professional contouring palette.