01 June 2017

Catrice Professional contouring palette

I haven't written a review since March. OK, I'm back. I usually start my posts with "If you know me, you'd know...", but I know I don't post myself here so you probably don't know. This one is about bronzing, contouring and highlighting. I bought this duo few months ago and it's time I share my thoughts with you. It's Catrice Prime and fine Professional contouring palette.

Packaging, size and price.
This is a palette of two products - a highlight and a bronzer. They come in a black container with a transparent lid with silver writing on it. The package is the usual one for Essence and Catrice. It's quite sturdy plastic with a really good grip when it comes to closing so you don't be afraid it'll just pop open and mess everything up. I also love the transparent lids so I can immediately see what's inside. This palette has 10 g of products and it was about $5. I have it in the shade #010 Ashy Radiance.
Impressions - bronzer.
To be honest, I was really surprised when I first used it. Until I bought this palette, I've never used a bronzer before. I swatched it and it looked quite pretty, not that pigmented, but buildable. I thought that was great cause I was a beginner and I didn't want mud face. I took this brush which made more of a contour than just a bit of color, but I wanted to blend it with some bigger fluffy one. This bronzer is so (!) pigmented when used with a brush. Just a little tap is enough to get a whole cheek defined. I continued to use it with this brush cause now I kinda do both contour and bronzing in one. I make a bit harsher line at the bottom and I blend upwards to bronze my face.
No flash.
Impressions - highlighter.
It's not the finest powder you'll ever see and it definitely has some bigger pieces of glitter inside, but it gives such a nice glow. It's also very buildable so I use just one swipe for everyday look and up to 3 for a night out.
With flash.
I can't say how much I love this duo! I honestly don't have the need to try any other bronzer after trying this one. It's more on a warmer side, but as I said, I use it as a half contour and it looks just great. I also really like the highlight, but some people may have problems with bigger glitter which is not a problem for me. It's also very affordable and cruelty free! Definitely would recommend it!
This is just one swipe with my finger.
Maybe you'll have to change the point of view as highlight is not really visible on my screen unless I lower my head.
P.S. Trust me when I say the photos don't do their justice!

Do you have this one? Will you try it? What do you use for highlighting and bronzing? ♥


  1. The contour shade looks perfect, I love ashy tones for defining the cheekbones!

    Beauty From Katie

    1. it's definitely my favorite palette I have. just great! :D

      thank you for coming! :* :*