15 June 2017

Simply straight straightening brush

This past Christmas my family decided to surprise me with lots of stuff, among other, a hair curler and a hair straightener. Until now, I only had hair straightener which is now old, doesn't do it's job well and if you compare it with some other products out there, it's basically sh*t. Have in mind I got it about 10 years ago. So now I finally have proper hair salon at home.
Note: Mine is from TopShop commercials, but you can find it on Amazon here.

Today I'm introducing this Simply Straight brush which is basically a brush that warms up and that's supposed to straighten your hair. This is supposed to be the easiest and the quickest way ever to achieve the results you want. However, as it's all over TopShop commercials, I never thought it was any good. Their stuff are usually a total fail so I was never drawn towards this. I don't know if it's good or bad thing that my family didn't listen to me when I say I think this doesn't work, but I got it anyway.
How it works? Special ceramic-coated bristles heat up to just the right temperature to gently relax hair as you brush leaving you with a silky-smooth straight hair in just minutes! Fast, safe and gentle.
Let me tell you, it's a game changer!! This works so well. It's so easy to use, it's so quick. With my old stuff, I took me about 45 minutes to get my hair somehow straight. I could never get the look I wanted. With this, I'm done in about 10 minutes and my hair is detangled, shiny and straight just the way I want it. It's also very easy to do a bit of volume at the roots and a bit of inwards/outwards wing at the tips. I don't think it's as damaging as some other straighteners are. It also has adjustable temperature and a guide which temperature is suitable for your hair type which is just great. I was so amazed by the results, I would highly recommend getting this brush if straight healthy looking hair is your thing!!
This is totally unedited picture after just one swipe through my hair.
Final look with just one swipe per section.
Verdict? I love how easy it is to use, how you can adjust temperature, how you can twist in in any way cause it has a swivel cord. I love everything about this brush!

What do you use to style your hair? Would you consider buying this now?


  1. The results look really impressive! They sell some of these at TJ Maxx and I've always wanted to try one x

    Beauty From Katie

    1. I was so surprised with how well this turned out. And I can use it much often than normal straightener :)
      thank you for coming :*

  2. great :)


  3. It seems so practical, love it!

    Vanessa x |

    1. It really is! If you ever get the chance, get it and try it :)

      thank you for coming :)

  4. This looks like an amazing product. I really want to get one.

    1. Definitely worth the money. I'm loving it. SO quick and easy to use :D