11 February 2019

Oriflame lipsticks

** On a personal note this week: Movie review: Molly Maxwell

As I mentioned in several of my posts, I'm in love with lipsticks. I think they are perfect quick addition to every outfit. I think I also mentioned I have way too many lipsticks for a normal girl. I showed you all of them in my post My lipstick collection.

Since then, I added few lipsticks in my collection and I can't see an end to this. Send help. Anyway, since the previously mentioned post, I did some other related to lip products, which I'll link below this post, but now I'll show you one unusual collection.

07 February 2019

Redecorate your room for minimal $$$

** On a personal note this week: Things that need to die in 2019

I always dreamed of having a big house, big rooms, spaces for just myself... I dreamed of having a Disney castle once I grow up. Thankfully, I realized dreams are not reality pretty fast so I altered my expectations. However, a big room is still a wish of mine. Or, at least, room decorated the way I want it to.
I still live with my parents in a room they built for me when I was about 10, maybe 12. It's pretty small, crowded with furniture. There's not much I can do here and it's still the way it was once they made it.

04 February 2019

10 blogger wishes (for 2019?)

** On a personal note this week: Things that need to die in 2019

You know I haven't prepared a post for today, so you're getting this one. Is this cheating in posting schedule? Maybe. Will you hold it against me? Hopefully not. There's a lot going on in my hear for the past few weeks so, naturally, it transformed onto my blog. Enough about me...
Every time I bring some post like this on this blog, I feel scared to post it, but again very happy because I can show some other side of myself here. And I get that you guys really like personal or semi-personal posts. Let me know if you really do... I guess it's going to be a win-win?

28 January 2019

New Nivea day & night care

** On a personal note this week: Today: 27.1.2019.

I was just going through my archive here to see when was my last skincare post and it was in November. This now seems so far away and it's been only around 2 and a half months, or in my schedule, 24 posts away. It was this Hydra Moisture Boosting Serum by Oriflame review and that product made it into my routine just to use it. As I said many times before, I'm not good with routines. I sometimes go days without using products for skincare and then something hits me and I'm all over it.

However, there is one product that I almost never forget and that's night creme or night moisturizer. When I go to bed, I usually have this routine with brushing my teeth, changing into PJs and so on and somehow I got used to putting on moisturizer too. However, when I get up, there immediately something to do and, while I'm still doing my bathroom routine, I'm already thinking of a million things I could or should do. And my moisturizer somehow gets lost in the process...

24 January 2019

Ombre blue abstract manicure

** On a personal note this week: What I like in romance movies

Lately I really neglected my love and passion for nails because they take quite a lot of time to create. Also, I'm kinda a perfectionist when it comes to manicures and I'm almost never 100% happy with the way they look, but that's a whole other problem of mine. 

But! I'm absolutely in love with this manicure. The idea was taken (completely stolen) from very talented Yagala (and here's her photo and Instagram video). Honestly, when it comes to nails, I always go to her profile for inspiration and new tricks. If you like manicures or just find those wideos of painting nails relaxing, definitely go to her profile!

21 January 2019

Organizing laptop and my phone

** On a personal note this week: What I like in romance movies

A thing you may not know about me is that I love cleaning up and putting stuff to its place. Hello. My name is The Organizer. Nice to meet you. I love boxes, labels, categorizing stuff... Before you judge me, it's not like an obsession, but if I have the time, I'm probably going to go and tidy up my room.
However, it's a bit harder to stay organized with everything in its place if you hold on to everything. I like keeping stuff and I'm usually really sentimental so I don't get rid of much. Now that my room mostly has boxes and dividers and all that, I can say I'm pretty happy with my organizational skills.

17 January 2019

Test your body! *

** On a personal note this week: 20 plans and wishes for 2019

New year, new me. How many times have I said that and nothing has changed? Every single year. Yes, I'm that person. One of my most repetitive goals is to get fit and to lose weight. I've tried it a lot of times, but I seem to lose interest quickly. However, I noticed that something was wrong with my body in the past few years so I decided to act on it.


Now that I've changed my situation, I can start working on other things. I also tested my body and got some shocking feedback. Keep reading if you're interested in the full story!

14 January 2019

Brown-rose gold manicure

** On a personal note this week: 20 plans and wishes for 2019

If we don't count Blogmas, it's been more than half of year since I posted a proper manicure post. To be honest, I don't know why I haven't focused on nails more lately... I've been doing manicures regularly every week, but I guess it's the most boring post to actually write...

This one, however, is a bit different. Not in terms of actual manicure, but the story with it. If you read my post about Barry M nail polish Barry M peel-off nail polish base, you probably recognize this manicure... You also know how damaged my nails were after using it (there's a video to prove it). However, I'm posting it again because I was in love with it!

10 January 2019

MUR Flawless palette

** On a personal note this week: NYE from hell to the best NYE

I'm thinking I have way to much make-up for a regular person. Then I also see that I mostly have eyeshadow palettes and I really don't need them all. I was planning on filming my declutter process so let me know if that's something you would like to see. Twitter friends said "yes".  
With this in mind, I bought myself this Makeup Revolution London (does anyone actually knows what this company is called now?) palette with 32 eyeshadows to use. When I was buying it, I was really into mattes with pops of shimmer and brown colors, something neutral and easy to apply. This seemed like a perfect choice.

07 January 2019

Home-made Caesar salad

** On a personal note this week: NYE from hell to the best NYE

Food is back, back again... Yeah, I just watched a vlog where they sang this so it's stuck with me forever probably. If you're too young or whatever to know what I'm referencing, it's the song Eminem - Without Me (0:32). Now that we all know I listen to Eminem, I can continue my post.

I haven't done much regarding cooking on this blog and I've said multiple times I'm not a good cook. I mean, I maybe am, I just don't like to spend time in the kitchen. However, every now and then I still have to feed myself and this time I had to feed me and my brother and we had no idea what to eat. We were also too lazy to go to the store. So here's our lunch.