18 May 2020

Lumiliu bags

** On a personal note this week: Quarantine workout routine (for totally unfit people)

Instagram ads. Facebook ads. Youtube ads. Funny concept, those ads. They come in just when you need them, right? I mean, it's no secret that they work like that, that they listen to us and customize everything around our searches. However, it's hard to save money when they know you so well and your weak spots.

My weak spot is definitely fashion. I mean, I have a weak spot for all of it, but showing me a good bag is basically one step from me buying it. However, I've been eyeing this one brand for quite some time now as they seemed too expensive for me. Then Christmas came around and the discounts hit us from all around. So did this brand.

I wrote it in the title, but in case you don't know what I'm talking about, here are the Lumiliu bags. You know those that reflect light and then show the entire rainbow? Yes, I bought one of those. I had 3 models in mind, but I also knew I couldn't afford them all. So, after a close examination, I chose "Classy".
It was about $55 and it took it about 2-3 weeks to arrive (I honestly can't remember when exactly it came). It came in plastic bag with some sort of bubble wrap in it. Inside there was a separate dust-proof bag which was a nice surprise. I still put it in that bag if I'm not using it. It's also good for protection of the special coating that reflects light.

I have to say I immediately fell in love with it. I love weird bags, statement bags, because I usually wear all black and I need and want that pop of something in my outfits. As shown on their site, it really does reflect the light in different ways and I really like it how it's only slightly rainbow-y in a daily sunlight.

Now, the reason why I'm writing this few months too late is I wanted to use it, to experience it before I write anything final down. I also tried to make a collaboration or some kind of deal with them, but that's a failed attempt. Anyhow... After months of using it, I have some good and some not so good things to report. I'll start with good, of course. I still love the quality and the colors. However, I made a mistake in choosing a style. "Classy" looks good, but it's not practical. It's quite hard to open and you can't do it quickly as a bag should open. Also, it's a bit of an awkward shape for my taste. It's more boxy than I thought it would be so it doesn't fit a lot of stuff, but looks bigger than I would want it. Now, they provide measurements on the site so this is my fault, but I couldn't picture the exact bag in my head.

After getting this one, I wish I would have gone for one of my other choices "Unity", "Criss-cross" or "Saizer". Unfortunately, now I can't afford getting a new one, but maybe some time in the future I'll get another one. I still think these are great bags with a unique style. Just pay more attention to the style, size and type of closure if you decide to get one.

From left to right: Saizer, Criss-cross, Unity

Also, Lumiliu if you see this, I'd like to collaborate with you. Haha.

Tell me, would you carry one of these? What is your weak spot and can ads make you buy something? What is it?

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