01 June 2020

eBay finds that are actually awesome (part 1)

** On a personal note this week: 3 songs that remind me of different people

Be honest, how much money do you spend Internet shopping in a month? It's all fun and games when you see few dollars here, few dollars there. However, then you look at the total in your cart and somehow you've spend $100 in a day. And there are few sites good for this: AliExpress, Amazon and, of course, my beloved eBay.

I found out about eBay around 10 years ago and I've been loving it ever since. Maybe it's stupid, but I kinda feel obligated to stay loyal to it and not go on other similar sites. Anyhow, I usually buy random bits from it and I have to admit, the quality and reality of the products have sometimes been questionable. To be fair, I always set the price point quite low, only few dollars... However, among all these weird stuff, there are some gems. Let's take a look.

Everything I want, I first try to find on eBay for a good price before I buy it in my local stores which are 100 times more expensive. So here are all the things I needed (wanted, of course) that are absolutely awesome.

Bathrobe. Starting with the last item I ordered, this is a silk/satin bathrobe. Of course, the materials couldn't be exact for only few dollars, but it feels very nice, soft and silky actually. It's the right size, length and the design is as shown.
You can find my bathrobe here (I got a light blue long one).

Jewelry box. I don't know how long I wanted a bigger jewelry box. However, in my country, they're around $70 dollars. I couldn't justify giving that much money for a box so I went online and found this one. I'm absolutely in love with it. It has all the right compartments, it's very well made and I love the subtle design on the outside.
You can find it here. I also got a smaller one for traveling and you can find it here.

Shoe straps. This is a random one, but if you're struggling with shoes staying on, maybe you'll love this. My feet aren't the same size (as it's normal, but mine are too different), so I always have one shoe so tight and one a bit loose. For that reason I can't wear heels without straps. I got these removable and adjustable straps which I can now put on any shoes anywhere, anytime. I love this.
You can find them here in all the colors needed.

Computer mouse and computer headphones. Again, these are way more expensive here so I found them on eBay. I got this silent mouse which works great 3rd year in a row. And I love how you can't hear the clicks. These headphones are also now in their 3rd year and they work like a charm. Have in mind I don't need something super great and powerful for my computer so these work for me just fine.
You can find my mouse here.

Of course, there are stuff that just don't work, come in broken or whatever. I've always have my items resent or I got my money back. In these 10 years, I had only one minor problem with the seller, so I would say eBay is a great site. If you're willing to spend more money, of course, you'll get better quality products. Also, if you're buying anything fragile, take the time and send seller a message saying you would like a bubble wrap and a box packaging. They usually pay attention to this, but it's not bad to remind them one more time.

OK, be honest and tell me how many stuff do you need/want from this list? Do you have shoe problems? Do you wear bathrobes like a boss?

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