28 October 2019

New-in: make-up for fall

** On a personal note this week: I want a boob job

Here's me not following seasonal trends, but still writing a title "make-up for fall". Nice. OK, I'm not gonna lie, I do like a nice dark lipstick and dark nail polishes with sweater-weather, but it's definitely not mandatory. I'm currently sitting here and writing this with white glitter nails and bright yellow and pink make-up.

It's been a while since I did a new-in post, right? It's been a while for all posts since I haven't blogged in months. However, my love for make-up hasn't faded. I still bought some bits here and there and now you'll see new items in my collection. Did I need them? No. Do I love them? Yes.

21 October 2019

Morning & evening motivation routine

** On a personal note this week: Today: 20.11.2019.

Every single time I write any kind of 'routine' post, I say I won't do it again. I simply don't have routines strong enough to actually call them that. Latest one was Daily routine while working 14 hours a day. And then I sit down and think: "You know what's a good post idea? -Routines." And here we are...

However, this is not your traditional routine post. For this one you'll have to read between the lines and imagine great things... Have I intrigued you yet?

14 October 2019

Let’s Vogue - 73 Questions About Me

** On a personal note this week: These things were cool when I went to school

To be honest, I'm still not sure how much of these personal or random posts I want to put in here... After all, that's why I have a personal blog I share weekly along these posts (yes, that's the link in the beginning of each post here). Anyhow, I saw these posts all around (and I know I'm few months late with these) so I decided to tag along and nominate myself to do this.


You all must know how much I love polls and all these question-answer posts so I couldn't pass on this opportunity. I don't know who started this, how it works or anything basically, but I saw it on the blog of Ronald Sampson (blog On the Ron). I also have to add how supportive he is and active on Twitter so check him out.

07 October 2019

Gary Barlow wants me "back for good"

I would say: "If you don't know what the title is about, get out of here.", but instead, let me educate you a bit. This, Gary Barlow ft. JLS - Back for Good (live), is a song I discovered only last year when I was separated from my brother, watched a lot of military videos and found out Gary did a concert for deployed soldiers. That gesture immediately caught my eye and I actually became a fan of Gary in few minutes. Out of all, this probably my favorite song. So, there you go.

Now on to the real stuff. I haven't blogged in 4 months. Or 5? Somewhere in between. Too much time has passed and I finally got my motivation and will to write back. I had pretty rough/hectic/busy time lately so I always chose to post-pone the blog stuff. Now that I have more or less a normal routine, I'm ready to jump on this wagon again. I also got some ideas for future posts and improvement of this blog. I'm excited.

With this post I also want to thank all of you that are reading this now, that have been coming back even when I wasn't posting, that asked me when I'll be back. Even though this is just fun for me, it's still nice to know that I'm not talking to a wall and some of you actually like my writings here.

Even though I have some ideas of my own, it would really help me to hear your thoughts. I'm sure I'll get more ideas as I see what all of you like to read about. This is a multiple choice poll so choose whatever you like and feel free to add some more.

What do you want to see?

fashion: hauls, internet shopping, recommendations
fashion: try-on, styling
make-up: hauls, new items, reviews
make-up: creating/recreating looks, "tutorials"
skincare: routine, reviews
nails: manicures, caring for nails
DIYs: clothes, home decor, random bits
hair: best products, routine, hair styles
home decor (I would plan it for you too in a professional program if you needed any redecorating)
personal posts
Please Specify:

If you read all the way to here, thank you! You deserve something. And if you leave your Instagram name or email or whatever where I can contact you in the comments below, I'll make sure to make one (or more) of you happy with some giveaway (or reward of some kind). Giveaways are coming too, so stay tuned.

As I have a full-time job now, I'll keep my posting to once a week. I'm thinking it will most probably Monday 9 a.m. CET as it was until now.

Until next Monday ♥