21 October 2019

Morning & evening motivation routine

** On a personal note this week: Today: 20.11.2019.

Every single time I write any kind of 'routine' post, I say I won't do it again. I simply don't have routines strong enough to actually call them that. Latest one was Daily routine while working 14 hours a day. And then I sit down and think: "You know what's a good post idea? -Routines." And here we are...

However, this is not your traditional routine post. For this one you'll have to read between the lines and imagine great things... Have I intrigued you yet?

So, I thought of a fun and pretty way to write down my routine and make sure I don't forget anything. I wasn't sure how to do this at first, so I wrote down my actual routines for both morning and evening. Then I thought I could do those fancy calligraphy writings, but I, of course, couldn't so I just stuck to what I know - simple and colorful. As you'll see, I tried it few times before getting it the way I like it. I'll explain each line and hopefully you'll see how I connect the motivational pieces with the real routine I'm supposed to do.

Every morning should be a new chance to give your best. I start each day by opening or closing the window, depending on the season and temperature in my room. While doing so, I need to see the sun. Then I turn on my radio and usually listen to the news first and then the music starts. Then I like to stretch a bit. I don't really work out ever, but I like doing some basic stretch moves which help me wake up and stay, more or less, flexible. The first thing I do when I leave my room is brushing my teeth. I don't know if I could start the day without it. Along with teeth, I also cleanse my skin and so some kind of skincare. Then I go back to my room and I choose my outfit or I just put on what I pre-planned the day before. Next comes on the perfume or deodorant and since spring is associated with all the flowers, is there a better season to smell after? Then I'll quickly take care of my hair and make some hairstyle. I also usually like wearing some jewelry or watches or some little details to lift up my outfit. The last thing I do before going out is drinking a glass of water. Then it's just time to show myself to the world and be awesome for the day.

OK, I've done it all. Whatever it was, whatever it is, evening is the time to let go and relax. First, I like to shower and get comfortable in my PJs. Then I do my skincare routine and, even though I don't wear make-up, I feel much lighter and brand new. Of course, then comes brushing my teeth. For some reason I like to examine the color of my teeth each evening like I'm ever going to see the one day difference with my bare eye... Then I go on my laptop or phone or I just watch TV and catch up with what's been going on and I watch movies or read a book... Of course, as a dreamy, emotional person, I love dreaming. I close my eyes and think of different scenarios about all kinds of stuff and it relaxes me so much I just fall asleep.

I firstly did this to remind myself every day of what I actually need to do. However, putting "shower" or "drink" or "get some clothes on" would look really stupid (to me, at least) so I wanted to make it more fun. This way I won't forget anything if I'm in a hurry and it just looks good on my board. I know it'll make mi smile every day and it's always a good thing to be happy.

How does your motivation look like? Or what's your morning or night routine?

See you next Sunday ♥

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