23 November 2014

Puzzle manicure

Although winter is coming, there's no need not to show your warm side on your nails. In these cold days, bright colors are just what we need.

This manicure is a bit childish. Make sure you have the attitude to wear it.

You'll need:
  • yellow, blue, green and red nail polish
  • thin brush (or nail polishes with thin brushes)
  • Pick the nails you want to have puzzles on. (All of them or, like me, only two on each hand.)
  • Do the yellow french manicure on the other nails.
  • Put a line of blue, then red, then green nail polish with a thin brush.
  • Make the first piece of puzzle (yellow) in the corner of your chosen nail.
  • Do the green part next, then blue and, in the end, red.
  • Be careful that every piece of your puzzle has one convex and one concave part so the puzzle effect would have the wanted effect.
Have in mind that I did this in the beginning of my nail-decorating "career". If I do the same design soon, I'll make sure you see the progress.

Enjoy your bright manicure :)