24 February 2020

What I actually got in an Essence advent calendar

OK, look, I know it's been two months since Christmas and I'm kinda late with this, but would you believe me if I told you I just now got the time to go through it? I honestly haven't touched any of these stuff since I opened them.

The other advent calendar I had was for a giveaway so I took care of it sooner, but this one I wasn't in a rush to deal with. If the recipients of the giveaway are reading this, I would love it if they send me a feedback or a photo or something.  Anyways, let's get into my advent calendar by, probably, my favorite brand out there.

17 February 2020

My weight loss - is it possible?

** On a personal note this week: Coronavirus and how we should be handling it

I'm still on these "new year, new me" stuff. Until when? I don't know. But, maybe it'll help me actually accomplish some of my 2020 goals. If you read that post, you saw that there's fitness item on the list. As it is every single year. And it's been on the list for so long now that I really need to make some changes in my life. Otherwise, I'll never be fully happy.

I was writing a full body image journey on my personal blog (8 parts), so definitely read that to see what was I struggling with most of my life. C'mon, raise your hand if you struggle with body image and fitness, diets, etc. Most young people do, because of their twisted image of a perfect body. I'm guilty of it too and now I'm far too deep into it that I can't accept myself 100%. So I decided to change that and try the new thing that should help me both physically and mentally. Let's see what it's all about.

02 February 2020

5 trends for girls I hate

** On a personal note this week: Coronavirus and how we should be handling it

How about using strong words like "hate" in the title, huh? I'm gonna talk about some well known trends that have girls go crazy which I definitely don't like. Don't be fooled, there are some more, but I'll talk about them if you show any interest in this topic. Haha. Also, guy's trends are also coming.

Note: I have a feeling I have to say that it doesn't really matter what I think and you certainly shouldn't feel bad if I say I don't like something you like. Do your thing, but I'll just state my opinions. Hopefully I'll find someone who thinks alike. The rest of you, stay tuned for the next post...