02 February 2020

5 trends for girls I hate

** On a personal note this week: Coronavirus and how we should be handling it

How about using strong words like "hate" in the title, huh? I'm gonna talk about some well known trends that have girls go crazy which I definitely don't like. Don't be fooled, there are some more, but I'll talk about them if you show any interest in this topic. Haha. Also, guy's trends are also coming.

Note: I have a feeling I have to say that it doesn't really matter what I think and you certainly shouldn't feel bad if I say I don't like something you like. Do your thing, but I'll just state my opinions. Hopefully I'll find someone who thinks alike. The rest of you, stay tuned for the next post...

  • ugly dad sneakers
When I first wrote a draft for this post, this was all about UGG boots. However, the times have changed and I don't see as many UGGs walking around, and, even though I still hate them in all colors, shapes and materials, I had to give the first bullet to the ugly dad shoes. Or whatever they're called. I've seen those paired with jeans, dresses and skirts and I absolutely hate the look of them in all combinations.
  • lip liner not matching the lipstick
This has been around for a while now and it never looks good in my opinion. Girls would put on a darker brown lip liner and then fill the lips with a lighter nude shade. This should make your lips look fuller or something, but it just looks like you can't see colors. OMG, and especially when they overline the lips so it looks super ridiculous. 
  • drawing eyebrows and correcting them with concealer
I just don't get that 'on fleek' eyebrows. They always look fake. They're usually a lot darker than normal hair and way too big. Some filling in is OK I guess when eyebrows really do frame the face, but what I usually see it just too much. Also, no eyebrows have right angles. Sometimes it's like a girl took a sharpie and all geometry knowledge and applied it on her eyebrows. And OK, you have your perfect eyebrows on and then you have to sharpen them even more with concealer. Seeing that lighter shade above eyebrows is so irrationally annoying. I don't know why it can't be the concealer in the shade of the rest of the face, but I can honestly not stand that line. Below the eyebrows as well.
  • super short high-waisted shorts
This is maybe my self-consciousness talking, but I really don't like shorts that are something like boxers. Pants are made to cover your underwear so I want people to wear them like that. If I see any part of your butt and you're supposed to be wearing pants of any kind, I don't like it. To be honest, I find that really unattractive and vulgar. But these super short high-waisted shorts are an absolute enigma to me. They cover half of your body, but not the one they're actually supposed to cover.
  • short thick fur coats
For me, (winter) coat is something to keep you warm. Now, I usually see these paired with super slim mini skirts and the girl wearing it is usually shaking cause she's freezing. And I honestly don't care how she feels regarding cold because she chose to dress that way, but I really dislike the appearance. They make the body so not proportional - it's huge on the upper part and there's nothing below...

OK, what are you irrationally annoyed by? What girl trends do you hate? And which of these you like?

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