27 January 2020

What's in my bag? | every day basis

** On a personal note this week: 3 things people hate and we need in life

Guys, I can't be buying more bags. I showed you my entire collection in the post My bag collection and since then I got rid of some, true, but I also got more. And I'm still planning on getting my self a Batman handbag so check it out and please tell me in the comments whether I should get it or not.

I also need to buy more big bags because I'm going smaller and smaller by each purchase. But that's OK cause I really like cute little/medium bags. Anyways, if you're nosy like me, you can check other posts like this under the label What's in my bag?. And now we move on...

I'm currently using this small black backpack because it's winter here and it's just most practical bag for my big puffy jacket. All of my stuff are always in there so I can just grab it with almost every outfit and know that everything is in there. I, of course, change my bags if I have time and if I'm planning my outings and outfits, but I wear this on daily basis. As soon as I got this one and compared it to my last one (see it in my post What's in my bag | summer 2017), I was kinda worried that it wouldn't be enough cause it's smaller, but it is. The only thing I couldn't fit was my water bottle, so I just got a smaller bottle.

Starting from the bigger stuff, I have my book. I'm currently reading "Between red and black" by Jan Guillou. I usually read it on my way to work and back home as my bus ride is one hour in each direction and if I catch a longer break at work.
Then I have my red wallet. If you remember, I used to have a bigger one, but choosing this smaller backpack made me choose a smaller wallet too so I change them depending on the bag I'm carrying. I also have my card holder with all the membership cards because you never know which trip to home will end up in a shopping mall (the bus stop is literally in front of it).
Also, something that's always in my bag, there are my headphones in this dotted pouch. I always say I'll buy a new one as this one is about 10 years old and all dirty, but I love it so it's still with me. Another essential pouch I have it this blue one with some pills, painkillers, band-aids, chapstick, USB cord,... All the essentials. You can read more about it in my post 10 things I always have with me.
I recently added this New York notebook I got for one of my previous birthdays. I always have things to do and remember, now more for work that something personal, but I don't want to have a million of little papers in my pockets. Now I'll write everything down in there.
Of course, I have tissues, both wet and dry. Just in case. I also recently added a roll-on deodorant to carry with me because I sweat a lot and I'm always hot and I like to smell nice. I hope this one will work well for me.
The last thing I have currently in my bag is this strawberry bag. My friend Anja bought it as a Christmas present and I've been carrying it around ever since. It's so practical to have one in your bag. It saves me lots of money for not buying bags in stores and it's durable and reusable which is great!
In this front pocket I carry my home keys and my work key. I also throw in some candy, chocolate bars, lipstick if I think I'll reapply it, etc.

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What do you carry around all the time? Are you more for bags or backpacks? Big or small bags?

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