08 July 2016

10 things I always have with me

There are some things I always have in my bag no matter the size of the bag. Some are really just essentials for me to live but others are now more of a habit. I'm glad though, because these stuff can always come in handy.
  • mobile phone with headphones
I don't think I need to explain this one. Music is so important to me so I like listening to a radio (yes, radio as I love to be surprised if I hear some of my favorite songs) where ever I go and I don't want all people to listen what I'm listening. It also comes in handy when I have full hands and somebody's calling me, although I prefer talking with a phone next to my ear.
  • keys
Although I live with my parents, I'm often home alone. I either have to lock my house when I'm leaving or unlock when I'm coming home. I've had this next to me for the last 15 years.
  • wallet
Of course. I need to have my money with me. Also credit card (cause I never know if I'm going to run out of money), driver's licence, public transport card,... I have too many stuff in there and I don't use most of it, but I feel so secure when I have it all next to me.
  • tissues (+ wet tissues)
Dry tissues are an absolute must! I sometimes, if I have a larger bag, throw in wet tissues too. These are perfect for public toilets where there is no paper (ever!), if you spill something, if you're sick,... And it's a curse: if I go out without tissues, I'll definitelly need some...
  • lip balm - post here
I don't know how this became a must have, but I don't remember the last time I went out without it. I like to put it on in both winter and summer, no matter the time or the place. It gives my lips some hydration and care, along with shine and a bit of red pigment.
  • at least one hair band and few hair pins - post here
My hair is a problem especially if it's windy. I usually eat half of my hair, there's always hair in my eyes. To prevent this, I always carry a hair band and few bobby pins so I could style my hair pretty quick and easy.
  • a lighter
I am not a smoker, but it became a habit of mine to carry a lighter in my bag. It usually serves my friends who are smokers, but don't carry their lighters around. I think I used it only twice, but I still believe this will have its purpose sometimes!
  • pain killers and plasters
I always carry pain killers, but I usually use them only during my period. However, I've been a medic among my friends so I provide them with pills if they need them too. I always carry them because you never know when the pain will strike. Also, considering all my shoes make blisters on my feet, plasters are absolutely necessary in my bag.
  • USB flash drive
This became my essential when I started college because there's always something to print out or something a professor will give you. Since everything these days is computer related, USB is a really good thing to have. It's so small and so useful.
  • gums
I personally love chewing gums and I carry them primarily because of that. But they do come in handy after a lunch. My favorite are by Orbit, and that would be green and white ones.

These are my essentials. Which are yours? :)

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