25 July 2016

Mani Monday: Shattered glass and hologram

It's summer here in Europe. What type are you? Partying all day and all night or long walks along the beach? Maybe both? Well, this manicure will look great no matter whether the light from reflector or the moonlight hits it. You'll own the place.
Note: Video in the end :)
I used:
  • turquoise nail polish #40 play with my mint by Essence
  • protecting base coat by Essence - I don't think mine is still in production, but I'd suggest this
  • the gel top coat by Essence (no lamp needed) - couldn't find exactly mine, but this is it
  • black holo stripes nail art stickers by Essence - find similar here
  • holographic nail foil - can be ordered here

  • base coat first
  • one thin coat of turquoise nail polish - let completely dry
  • another coat of turquoise nail polish - when almost dry, add foil cut into triangles and gently tap it into the polish with your fingers (watch out for all the edges to be attached to the nail)
  • add stripes between every piece of foil
  • add top coat and let dry
This video was filmed 5 days after doing my manicure. Look at all that shine!
P.S. I only saw this video after posting it. It looked better on my phone and on my computer. But you see the shine, right?

So, how do you like it? Yay or nay for these days?


  1. Those look lovely, I really wish I could do my nails like that but work would kill me. I'm not even allowed to have them painted...

    Lauren x |

    1. thank you :)
      yeah, it took me some time while I cut all the pieces, and drying everything,... but I love it :D
      why aren't you allowed?