06 January 2020

Garnier sheet masks

** On a personal note this week: My body image journey - holding it in (part 2)

I'm so glad sheet masks made their way into our beauty routines. While I think other, conventional, masks are more practical as you can probably do something while waiting for it to dry, these are usually great for quick fixes when you've been neglecting your face for way too long and now you need to save it.
It took me few months to actually collect them all cause they're usually sold out here, but I finally did it. Some (my mom) may think I'm crazy, but blogging life isn't that easy. I had to buy them all, test them all and write my thoughts down.

So far I've came across 5 different sheet masks by Garnier in my country. They're about $2 each. Firstly, about the price. I think it's a bit high for what it is and the fact that you only get one use out of it. However, I don't buy them that often so I guess I can afford it.

Black sheet mask with bamboo charcoal. Black tea extract + LHA + hyaluronic acid. Cleanses, hydrates and mattifies. For glowy skin.
Starting with the newest one, black facial masks have been so popular lately. Charcoal is believed to be great for extracting all impurities from your skin which should make your skin smooth, clean and even. I didn't notice that as much as I wanted it to. However, I had a feeling my skin was a bit cleaner, but also stripped of its moisture which I didn't like.

Moisture + relaxing. Super hydrating detiring mask. Intensively rehydrates + reduces signs of fatigue and relaxes. Lavender essential oil + hyaluronic acid. For fatigued skin. Paraben free.
I personally don't like lavender scent so I disliked this mask the most. However, it wasn't a bad mask for my skin. I wouldn't buy it again because of the scent, but I also like some other better than this one.

Moisture + comfort. Super hydrating + soothing. Hydrates intensively + recomforts, soothes feelings of tightness. Extract of chamomile + hyaluronic acid + hydrating serum. For dry and sensitive skin.
Even though I don't have dry skin, I had to try this one too. As I expected, this one wasn't really my favorite as it left too much of this serum on my skin. I realize it's for a totally different skin type from what I have so I'll leave it to that. I do believe this one would be great for dry skin, but I can't be the judge. I loved how my skin was smooth afterwards, but I had to get rid of the residue with a wipe.

Moisture + aqua bomb. Super hydrating + repulping. Hydrates intensively + replumps, boosts radiance. Extract of grenade + hyaluronic acid + hydrating serum. For dehydrated skin.
I personally love using this one in the morning if I haven't had enough sleep. I don't think it does something revolutionary to my skin, but it helps me wake up. As it's a bit cold, it also depuffs my face pretty fast. I guess you could do that with any of these, but I find this one to be the perfect for the job. I'll continue buying it.

Moisture + freshness. Tissue mask. Super hydrating & purifying. Hydrates intensively + refreshes, tightens pores. Extract of green tea + hyaluronic acid + hydrating serum. For normal to combination skin.
I saved my favorite for the end. This one is actually the right fit for my skin type and it works great on my face. It leaves my skin soft, smooth, nourished. I use it after I forget my skincare for a longer period of time and it basically brings back my skin from the dead in just 15 minutes which is absolutely amazing. I'll definitely recommend this one!

I've heard mixed opinions about these. What's your opinion?

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