13 January 2020

Personal 2020. goals

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Right. Of course I have to write a list of these things. God, how I love making lists. Are you with me? I have to say I already wrote mine and I didn't think I would share it this year. However, then I remembered some other things I could add, not specifically for me, and maybe help some of you out.

This is for all people struggling with New Year's goals whether they're being unrealistic or maybe you just don't know what else add to the list. I'm here to solve your problems.

My goals:
  • go ice-skating before the season ends
  • see a show in national theater
  • enroll a fitness class/join a gym
  • start nail business
  • go out clubbing more
  • visit certain places (the list is long)
  • go to 5 concerts at least
  • make a change in hairstyle
  • get a tattoo
  • learn a new language
  • write blog regularly
  • start driving again
  • contact elementary school friends
  • learn how to sew
  • read 10 books
  • consistently write a diary
So far, this is my complete list. I'm quite happy with it and I'm happy to know these are all achievable goals for the year. How the time passes, I may add some items on the list. I'll update this list at the end of the year if you'll be interested in that.

Goals you can add:
  • reduce shopping for clothes
  • donate old clothes/items in general
  • stop smoking/drinking/swearing
  • add one evening a week just for yourself
  • have a restaurant meal once a month/try a new meal each month
  • keep track of your money (there are different apps or just write it all down)
  • finally start a hobby you've been talking about for months
These were just some on top of my head. You can add as many as you want according to your needs. Of course, the most important thing is to really think about your goal and see if it's really realistic for one year or maybe you should put it in your 5-year-plan or 10-year-plan or even a life goal. This is why most NY's goals don't work and why you should think twice before being bummed out at the end of the year.

Do you do New Year's resolutions? Share some from your list!

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