20 April 2020

5 trends for guys I hate

** On a personal note this week: Quarantine workout routine (for totally unfit people)

I take some trends very personally. I'm usually the type to stick to basics and I don't fall for many trends because I know they're just a waste of money and, more often, they're something that really doesn't suit me or my style. However, they're here and here I am as well to comment. And just so you know, I regretted putting only 5 of these on the list...

As I did one of these for girls (find it here), I had to do one for guys too. There are some things I really dislike and find really unattractive. So here I go.
Note: Again, you're not suppose to feel bad because of this post. That's just what I don't like. So do your thing and enjoy it... Also, even if I'll say that that's not for guys, that of course doesn't mean that you can't wear/carry/do it. It's just that I don't like it like that.

  • half hair bun
I don't even know what to call these, but guys can you please stop it? I have no idea how this became a thing, but I (and majority of people I know or read somewhere) really really really don't like it. Also, I know some can really pull it off, but man buns are definitely not a look I would go for.
  • lots of (sleek) hair on the top and none on the sides
I also have no idea how to call this one, but I have a feeling all guys are having the same haircut these days. Can we just go back to normal hairstyles, whatever that's suppose to mean. If a baseball cap is not touching your head because you have hair too tall, you're doing it wrong.
  • murses (apparently, that's a man's purse)
Why would you carry that? I get it, sometimes it's practical, but guys always had briefcases and those waist bags. Seeing a proper purse or a female bag on a guy is a huge turn-off, but that aside, a look I would not like to see. Ever.
  • drop-crotch pants
Seriously, I would hate these on anyone, but I've seen mostly guys wearing it. So, no. I don't know what's so great about the huge piece of unnecessary fabric hanging between your legs. Are they so comfortable? I mean, wear sweatpants then. I don't know. These never look good in my opinion. Not on girls, not on guys.
  • super tight pants
Again, girls wore this better, so it's obviously a girl thing. Kidding, but I still really don't like this. Unfortunately, most guys I see wearing these have so skinny legs that just don't match the upper body (especially if wearing a thick jacket) so it's usually so weird looking.

OK, what's on your list? I know you have some... :) 

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