02 November 2020

The Face Behind the Blog Tag

You've all been waiting for this. I'm doing something totally unpredictable. A tag post. I know, I know, you're shocked right now. Staring at the screen, mouth opened, adjusting your (imaginary) glasses and reading this title again. Is it possible you're about to read a post about me? Yes, people, it's true. I'm going to introduce myself a bit more through 5 simple questions.


Hailey knows me well so I need to thank her for this tag. If you don't know who she is, I highly suggest visiting her blog The Undateable Girl's Diary which I regularly read because she has great topics and I really like her writing style, simple and interesting... Anyways, let's jump into this one.

As per usual, let's first get to the rules of this tag:
  • use “The Face Behind the Blog” tag to post a bit about yourself
  • tag two or more blogs that you love or leave an open invitation
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Who am I?
Well... I'm a 25-year-old girl, from central/southeast Europe trying to make it in this world. Did this sound corny? Yeah, I'm that too. I'm a really creative person, very driven, wanting to do and see everything and anything. I'm really a social person when I get to know somebody and I hate doing anything alone (which is why I can't make myself to work out). I'm an aviation lover, licensed nail technician, dog lover who also loves interior design. And I'm waiting for someone to get me a job that will combine all of the above. I'm also a hopeless romantic, waiting for that old fashioned dream love story. Which is why I've been single for 25 years. I'm also quite socially awkward and shy with new people. I'm the person that will choose hanging out with my friends, both chilling and partying, over anything with phones or computers related.

Where am I from?
I already mentioned it in the previous answer, but to be specific, I'm from Croatia. The most beautiful country on the planet. Sure, I'm totally biased, but I love it that much. I would not change it for the world. Whenever someone asks me would I move in just a different city within our country, I always say 'no'. And I think I'm very lucky to love my place this much. Can't wait to get my own place to experience the full freedom though.

What's a perfect day?
A day with my favorite people. I don't really care what we're doing, but I need to have my favorite people around me. I have the luck to be working with some of the best people I know so a perfect day can be at work too. I had a great day at work just two weeks ago... So I'm not picky. I would like to rent a house, make some BBQ, chill and hang out with them and end the night with a house party or a night out. Oh, and music is a must. Music has to be playing in the background all the time!

What do I do?
I don't really wanna say because it's very specific and I'm a bit paranoid, but I'll just say I'm in the aviation business. I'm currently not employed full-time so I don't want to jinx anything, but if everything goes as planned I could have my awesome job by March 2021. Pray for me!

Why do I blog?
To be completely honest, I just like to talk about stuff. I've explained this quite a lot of times, but it all started because a guy I liked went off with another girl and I had to tell somebody about it and writing it in my journal wasn't enough. And it soon became my personal diary, rant notebook. And then I opened this blog for my nails, fashion and beauty stuff. And I'm planning on expanding it soon so who knows where this will go... But all of this crap I'm writing may be helpful so somebody, even if it's just one person, and I think that's enough to keep running my blogs.

I tag everybody that wants to talk a bit about themselves, everybody that finds this fun to do or just have no ideas for their next post. If you do this, make sure to tag me so I can read it. I like reading these as much as I love writing them.

If you have any more tag posts, random questions you want me to answer or anything at all, write it down in the comment section!

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