13 February 2017

Transition from squoval to coffin nails

Since I've had my nails (I used to bite them; read in post here), I've always had them in squoval shape. Then something hit me right before Christmas and I decided to change them to ballerina or coffin nails. I'm here today to show you my transition.
Note: I'll still post manicures with squoval nails cause I'm not doing it in any order so bare with me. Also, scroll down for some more new manicures :)
There are more nail shapes than this, but this is just to show you my transition.
Nail on my pointer finger goes down as my nails aren't straight on all fingers. This white short line is showing the lack of vitamins.
So, in the picture above you see my squoval nails. The first thing on my mind was to Google some coffin nails to see what they're all about. I realized that it's just important that they have that shape when looking from above. Sides aren't important here. So I sketched some lines with pencil where I need to stop filing nails. I used nail clipper to remove the majority of that part and I filed the rest so I wouldn't have any sharp edges.
It maybe looks easy, but, as I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my nails, it took me about an hour just to file them the way I wanted to. The only thing that was left was to do a manicure.
I did this brown one first, but I suggest you checking my Instagram profile (or just a manicure here) where you'll see the full beauty of it (and also all the shine!). Trust me, these pictures don't do its justice. Blue suede one came next so my nails are a bit longer and I did file them some more to get sharper edges. Again, there were some problems with my pointer fingers and I know they don't have the perfect coffin shape.

What do you think? What nail shape do you have/like? Send me pics on twitter or Instagram :) (links on the right)


  1. These look really nice, especially when they're painted, I've never heard of coffin shaped nails but I now realise I've seen them on pinterest :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

    1. Yeah, they're all over the place... :D
      I know, my nails don't grow straight (my fingers aren't straight either so...) and I have vitamin problems so I have them painted 99,99% of the time :D

      thanks for coming, reading and commenting :*