06 February 2017

Review: Nivea blue collection for face cleansing

Few weeks (months?) ago, I was looking for a new facial treatment, after I ran out of my green collection (review here). As usual, I went right to the Nivea department and I saw these 4 blue products.
From left to right: Pure effect Stay clear purifying toner, Control shine toner, Anti-blemish 3-in-1 cleanser, Clean deeper daily wash scrub
Pure effect Stay clear purifying toner. For pure and matt skin. Clears skin and helps prevent impurities. With active magnolia extract. When it comes to smell, this product has the least scent out of all of these 4 products. It removes oils on the surface, but does not dry your skin as much.
Control shine toner. For blemish prone skin. Clears skin, refreshes and helps prevent blemishes. Anti-bacterial. With magnolia extract. This is a regular toner, with a nice smell, that I use usually before I apply my make-up. Sometimes I just use this before going out and it mattifies my skin immediately. It doesn't feel drying or heavy on my face. It really refreshes my skin.
Anti-blemish 3-in-1 cleanser. For blemish prone skin. With magnolia extract and white clay. Anti-bacterial. Non-irritating. Cleans deeply and removes impurities. Anti-bacterial formula helps in reducing acnes. Pilling helps opening the pores. Mild formula doesn't irritate skin. There are three ways of using it: as a mask to refine complexion, as a scrub to fight blemishes and as a wash to reduce shine. As most of Nivea's products this one also has a nice smell. This product, out of all of these, is the most drying and I would only recommend it for oily skin. I usually use it as a mask. It takes about 7 minutes for it to harden and then I wash it off with warm water. Have in mind that either you have to massage it with warm water to dissolve it and then take it off or you just need a towel to scrub it off. Both, as a wash and a scrub, it's easy to work with. In all three cases, it leaves the skin matte and a bit dry.
Clean deeper daily wash scrub. For blemish prone skin. With magnolia extract and lactic acid. Anti-bacterial. Effective yet gentle. Helps in preventing acne and blackheads and in opening clogged pores with the power of blue granules and micro-pilling particles for smooth skin. This products mattifies your skin, but does not leave it extra dry. Also, due to gel consistency, it feels calming and refreshing on your face.
How I use all of them:
I use purifying toner in the morning to remove all the oils. If I'm going out, I use control shine toner. In the evening, if I wore make-up, I'll remove it with make-up remover, then I'll go in with wash scrub to really wash it all off. After wiping it off, I'll cover my face with purifying toner. I use 3-in-1 cleanser about 2 times a week (when I'm washing my hair) as a mask. I put it on about 10 minutes before going in the bathroom and I found that taking it off in the shower is the easiest way.
Verdict? To be honest, I really like all of these, but the two toners are pretty much the same. I haven't noticed any difference, except for the lid, so I'd suggest buying only one of these. As for the wash scrub, it's great for calming the skin and removing extra make-up. White clay mask reduces oils and really makes the skin smooth. Have in mind that I have oily skin so I'm not sure how these would work on dry skin.

Have you tried any of these? What's your opinion on Nivea's products?


  1. I've only ever used the cleanser from this range, but I actually really liked it. I have pretty dry skin so I was worried it might dry it out even more, but it was nice and gentle. I'll have to check out the other products soon!
    Beth x
    Adventure & Anxiety

    1. Really? That's nice to hear - that it's versatile :D
      You'll read a lot about Nivea here, I just love it :)

      thanks for coming and commenting :*