27 February 2017

Essence: My must haves haul

One of my favorite brands, Essence, just came out with their new collection called "My must haves". They discontinued production of some old products, but gave us full new range of eyeshadows, palettes, lipsticks and lipglosses and many more stuff. For the first time, I didn't head directly to the nail polish rack.
They offer two sizes of palettes, this one having 8 places and smaller one having 4 places for singles. I, of course, went for the big one and am thinking of getting another one just because I know I won't be able to resist other colors. Palette has clear lid which I really like especially if I'll get some more palettes. The lid is also quite firm and it definitely won't open by itself. Also, it can stand in whatever position so the lid won't fall somewhere under the palette. Also a big plus for me. Palette costs around $2.50.
bronzing powder #01 hello sunshine, satin blush #01 coral dream, eyeshadow #06 raspberry frosting
Since I forgot to put any money in my wallet, I only got three singles. First, all singles are quite nicely packed with both colors seeing through the transparent lid, but also with colors on the actual cardboard packaging. Each single has it's own clear lid so there's no need to buy a palette. That's great for saving space when traveling. Although, I got a palette too, I won't throw away the lids. They all weight 1.7 grams each. They're about $2 each.
Since this is an eyeshadow palette, I'll start with this glittery pink eyeshadow. If you do a swatch with your finger, you'll definitely feel the glitter, but once it's put on the skin, it blends into pretty pink glitter and you can't feel it. Then I got one bronzer which feels very smooth and almost creamy. It took me just the lightest swipe and I got a tone of product on my finger. I'm really excited for this one. Blush is something I don't use, but I'll give this one a try. I swatched it and it definitely has the most texture, but once it's transferred to the skin it's smooth and blendable.
Shine shine shine wet look ligloss #11 for a night out, Gel eye pencil #02 around midnight
One product that's actually from their old collection is this blue eyeliner. If you read my post about their eyeliners (read here), you know what I think of gel liners. This one feels just like the white one. It's creamy, smooth, glides on the skin, has great pigmentation and coverage and can't be removed with just water or even with a toner. I got this for about $1.50.
I'm not sure where they were going with this lipgloss cause it's supposed to be something like holo effect and I don't quite see it, but I really love the color. It's something like mauve with glitter. It felt really sticky, but all glosses do. Lipgloss costs around $2.50.
Pictures with a camera icon are with flash, others are indoors with lamp light.

Check all of the new products just released here:

Do you like anything? Will you buy anything? I promise I'll get back to you with reviews soon :)


  1. Essence are really nice and some of their products have been my favourites. I hope you get chance to pick yourself up some more shadows as they look really nice :)

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    1. I love them :)
      Yeah, they made it their permanent setup so I'm going tomorrow to see what more they're offering :D

      thank you for reading :)