20 February 2017

Essentials: Fashion

It's been a long time since I wrote my last "Essentials" post, but here I am. You'll be able to find all posts like this under the label Essentials or in the category Life. This time I'm talking about few fashion items you should have to be prepared for all situations.
Note: I'm only gonna write about female fashion as I'm a girl. If you really want to see my opinion on male fashion, comment below and I'll do essentials for them too. Also, I know there's much more to it, especially because I haven't covered every season and weather.
All pictures are made in Polyvore (my profile is here).

Jeans are probably most popular fashion item. From really light colors to black ones, they are making their appearance everywhere. They can be used as casual, but also as more elegant look. I would suggest getting regular blue denim color or black ones. There are also so many styles that everyone can find one to fit them.
Little black dress. I wanted to write just black dress, but I have a feeling writing "little" is a must here. Find that one black dress that's appropriate for all occasions (weddings, night out, funerals, date night...). Have in mind that if you're looking for just one to fit all situations, length should be really considered and also the details on it (a dress with glitter is for New Year, not for funeral too).
It doesn't matter if you're more for casual or elegant outfits, having black and white plain T-shirts is a must. They can go with everything and they're so practical and comfortable. Also, you can really play with jewelry or blazers there as they're monochromatic. Also, if you don't like plain T-shirts, get some with black and white prints as well.
Black blouse is similar to having a black dress. It can be paired with previously mentioned jeans to give both elegant and casual look. Also, they're so effortlessly chic. It would be awesome if you had both short-sleeved and long-sleeved one, but one for the beginning should be just fine.
Sneakers are my personal favorite footwear. They're so practical, comfortable, easy to pair and wear. I believe that we all in own at least one pair of them. They're also great for walks or workouts if you're into that. I prefer black ones, but any color will do.
On the other side, for the elegant outfits, heels are preferred. They all say a girl should own at least one pair of black heels. They don't actually have to be really high, but a little heel always prolong your legs and make your posture a bit more graceful. Also, black is optional. I would go for either black or nude ones as both colors go with everything.
Now we also have to consider winter times so I'll start with boots. Any kind is good, but if you're really buying them for winter weather, they should be flat (or with low heel) with rubber sole. I always prefer those which look like original Timberland boot (but they're so expensive, so I always buy fake ones).
Continuing with cold weather, there's a winter coat or jacket. I learned that jackets are much more warmer, but it depends on the environment you're in which one you'll get. As always I would suggest black or grey one cause you want to be prepared for all occasions.
Last one I have here is leather jacket. I know denim jackets are coming back, but leather ones are easier to match with other clothes, in my opinion. As usual, black is the safe one, but I love them in crazy colors too. Brown is also very popular.

Some other things I would suggest having:
  • sweaters - because cold weather
  • blazers - they can easily turn boring outfit into something elegant and professional
  • cardigans - they can be thrown over T-shirt to complete the look during cold days
  • shorts - cause it's not always that cold outside
  • fancy pants - because you just might go to some gala during winter

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