11 June 2018

Barry M peel-off nail polish base

Do I even have to point out by now that I love manicures? I don't think so. I always have my nails painted (post My nails and manicures (routine). They only get to be naked for about 4 weeks a year. If. And as much as I don't mind spending 4 hours doing my manicure and waiting for all of it to be dry, there's a part I can't stand. It's, of course, taking off my last manicure.
There's nothing I hate more regarding nails. I will shape them (post Transition from squoval to coffin nails) , apply all necessary nail care and paint them for how long it takes, but taking off nail polish is a nightmare. I do have my own trick, it's still just a waste of time for me. However (!), peel-off bases are a huge thing right now so I decided to give it a go. I got this Barry M one and tested it. I also had to make a video proof...

I usually watch Cristine from Simply Nailogical and I did what she does. I applied one even layer of the peel-off base on my natural clean nail. I waited for it to dry completely and then I proceeded with my manicure. These are the two nail polishes I combined and, although it doesn't show in the photos, it's the best combination ever. Trust me when I say you need #86 my sparkling darling by Essence.
Since I had this peel-off base, I decided to go full glam with glitter polish and some more rhinestones. These were all glued to my nails with ultra strong nail glue by Essence. And now I had the completed manicure.
I had them on for about a week and a half and then I removed them. This is how it went. I used some cuticle pusher to remove it.
Note: I'm sorry if the video skips or isn't as great as you would expect it. I have no idea how to edit, but I had to shorten my original video so this is the result. I hope you'll like it for what it's supposed to be - a proof how this peel-off base preforms.

As you can see, it didn't go as planned. I could barely take off anything. The worst part is it left my nails all chapped and highly damaged. Maybe I did something wrong, but I'm pretty sure I did it OK. I have no idea what happened, but I'm 100% sure I won't be using this product ever again. Or I could use it as a base and remove as I would normal nail polish (post How to remove stubborn nail polish).
Thankfully, I was able to save my nails and get them back to more-or-less normal (post Quick & easy nail care). I, of course, immediately did another manicure which was pretty simple aside from the fact that I added some powder to my ring fingers. I was testing the powder. I also broke my nail, so that's why one nail doesn't have a corner like all the others do.

Have you tried this product? Do you know any good peel off base??


  1. A real shame it damaged your nails :( they looked lovely before though!x


    1. it's seriously so bad... I loved the before manicure, it was very very sparkly :D

      thank you for coming!

  2. Oh wow, this product seems like it didn't even work at all! How disapointing.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. I would much rather prefer if it didn't work at all, but if it hadn't damaged my nails this much. I'm lucky I have good nails in general so I was able to save them quickly. But it's rubbish!

      thank you for coming and reading! :*

  3. Your nails looked absolutely gorgeous! That colour is so pretty but I honestly own about 70 nail polishes so I cannot buy any more haha! However, it is so disappointing that the peel off base damaged your nails :(

    1. thank you! just buy this one more! it's absolutely the prettiest top coat ever! I just passed a number of 140 polishes so you're good haha
      peel off was a waste of money, time, nerves...

      thank you for coming, reading and commenting :*