04 June 2018

Small closet organization

Is it just me or every blogger/youtuber that has anything to do with fashion has a room just for their clothes? Or they at least have huge closets. And, of course, everything is minimalistic and there's room for everything even though they have tons (!) of clothes.
However, I'm showing you the real thing. I have a small room, even smaller closet. Actually, it's a regular size closet, but seeing all the others, this seems tiny. And I also have quite a big amount of clothes. Let's see how this goes.

First of all, I went and bought all these hangers. I chose black (because, of course) velvet ones, this special one for shirts, bunch of plain white ones with hooks and also one special one for pants. I also got clippers for curtains actually. I was going to put these clippers on the pants hanger to hang my skirts. I don't have much space in there, so I really needed to plan this right. My plan was also to separate all pieces of clothing as I had multiple shirts or multiple jackets on one hanger.
All of my blouses that would usually slip off the hanger went on velvet hangers, all tops with smaller neckline went on these white hangers because they're smaller. Also, dresses with thin straps went on those so I could hook the straps to them. I later got some thicker wooden hangers for all my heavier stuff like jackets and coats.
The hanger for shirts is actually good, but all the button-ups are quite long so I had to clear all the space under it. Also, the hanger for pants with curtains clips works like a charm and now all of my skirts are at one place.
I know it still looks crowded, but I have it all in place, each item has its own hanger which is a big step for me. I also rearranged the space under these so I have all my 'at home' clothes and gym clothes nicely folded and secure there. If you pay attention to the photo, you can see that on the 'before' you can't see half of my clothes because they were all piled up on one hanger. Now they're all nicely separated. I didn't go through all my stuff, but I'll definitely have to try all of these and get rid of the stuff I don't wear anymore.

** On a personal note this week: Storytime: A teacher was wrong & yelled at me

How do you manage your closet? Do you have a walk-in, regular or something else?

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