14 May 2018

Pore cleaner | device review

In how many posts do I need to share my need for clean pores? Someone please help me! I went to a beauty salon for a professional lady to do it for me. I paid quite a lot of money, I've lain there for about 40 minutes, I felt quite a lot of pain and then I was done.
I was left with clean pores. Every single bit out of all of my pores was taken out. I've never seen my face like that. Absolutely clean and irritated. I also received all facial treatments afterwards so I was just waiting for the redness to go away. Well it all took a different turn the next day.
I woke up, tried to cleanse my face and put some cream on and my face started peeling off. Skin where the most blackheads and other stuff were and where the beautician worked the most was so irritated my skin was peeling. I looked absolutely horrible. Not to mention everything was back into my pores. It literary took one afternoon and one night for all the gross stuff to come back, but my face suffered few weeks!

And then... For the last few months, all I've been seeing are these super easy pore cleaners. They're supposed to suck out everything from your pores. I bought mine of Gamiss (link to it is here), but I probably had to order a more expensive one (like to it is here). I don't know.
It comes without a battery which is always a minus if you ask me. It came in a special package, with instructions. It has 2 shapes at the top - oval for extracting stuff from pores and T-shape for massage, if I got it correctly. The ON-OFF button (or slide actually) is really sensitive.
So here's a lovely picture of my pores to start with. First I used it just like that, on my bare face, without any preparation. It didn't work. I could see some of my pores coming out, but the suction is not strong enough to actually pull anything out. Then I listened to the instructions and prepped my face with exfoliating scrub and warm water. I tried again and the results were the same. The little stuff that got pulled out were basically just broken in half. Out of my entire nose and one cheek, I got maybe 2 pores cleaned.
Verdict? I don't know if I should have gotten the more expensive one, whether this one in particular isn't strong enough or what, but this device doesn't work. So, for everyone watching these videos thinking they'll finally have a clean skin - you won't with this.

** On a personal note this week: Thoughts I had while watching Fifty Shades Freed

If you've found some device, pore cleaner, that works I should be on your list of people to contact!


  1. That stinks that it didn't work (and also about your skin irritation with the facial)! I hope you find something soon! :)
    -Jenna <3

    1. Yeah, it's just a waste of money.
      It was really a painful experience. I now just do it myself with some scrubs :)

      thank you for reading :*

  2. Aww it's such a shame it didn't work, and wow that beauty treatment sounds painful x

    Velvet Blush

    1. Beauty treatment was a disaster, never doing that again...

      thank you for coming :*


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