17 May 2018

Essence metal shock nail powders (+ video)

Metal nails or nail foils were a huge thing now (they still are as far as I know) among all nail artists and manicure lovers. Although there are hundreds of powders and base/top coat combinations, and they can be ordered pretty much everywhere, I got my eyes on the Essence collection. Among other products, they offered metal shock powder and top coat.
I got powder in the shade #03 i'm so fancy (purple), #01 mirror, mirror on the nail (silver) and #04 a touch of vintage (gold) and I also got these cute mini eyeshadow applicators as I've seen many tutorials using these.

Although they say to choose some transparent base coat or top coat, I used black (#46 black is back of course). I took small amount of powder on a sponge applicator and I gently tapped it on the half dry black polish (you'll notice when it's tacky, but not ruined when you touch it). After applying it with a sponge applicator, I found it that the black polish underneath was moving (as you'll see in pictures) so I decided to use my fingers. I tapped again, gently swiped until I got a smooth surface. I removed all excess powder and applied their metal shock top coat.
Top coat transparent when first applied, then it changes to milky white color and then again to transparent. The whole process of drying lasts about 5 minutes which wasn't a problem cause I painted one-by-one nail and later two-by-two which made it easier to control the drying process. This new nail polish is water based which a polish should be if you're using powders like this or metallic foils. On top, I added their regular gel top coat which I always use.
On the second try, I just had one coat of pink nail polish (maybe it was #09 lucky), then I went over it with transparent top coat (essence ever shine top coat) and I rubbed the powder in the transparent nail polish. Although the color doesn't show as well (cause I have pink underneath and not black) it went on much smoothly with both fingers and sponge applicators. I also made way less mess and mistakes.
Verdict? To be honest, I'm really satisfied with the result. This is one of the easiest powders I ever worked with and it gave a nice metallic finish (which is slightly on a glittery side). Although you really have to be careful with not moving your base coat, with all this metallic effect, you can hardly see where I messed up (unless I really show you and take a picture of it). There are only 2 minor bad sides to this. First is a small mess you get from playing with powder and the second one is a sticky top coat. This water-based top coat dries sticky and if you have it on your fingers, it could mess up your manicure a bit if you pull it the wrong way. But it's all about a bit of practice. I'll definitely get the rest of these.

** On a personal note this week: Thoughts I had while watching Fifty Shades Freed

Have you tried any nail powders? Do you even like this trend?


  1. I've actually never tried nail powders, I didn't even know what they were! It seems really cool, and Essence products are such an affordable way to try stuff out x

    Velvet Blush

    1. True! I usually go for their products first anyway, but I love everything they have for nails! They are the cheapest but seriously have amazing nail products :)

      thank you for coming!