03 May 2018

A pop of yellow

OK, let's first talk about how one page I used a lot, Polyvore, was sold so some other company and now the whole community is left without any of their works. I had more than 300 looks put together there and they're all gone. Without any warning. Thank God I used those looks for posts here so I have some saved, but my most recent ones are my favorites and they're gone forever.
Well, spring is back! Now that we're a bit pissed off and sad, I'll show you some outfits I managed to put together before the site went down. I have some more of these planned, but now I have to be very careful how I post these...
Note: Unlike any other fashion post from Polyvore so far, you won't be able to find links and prices of the items. Because the site no longer exists, unfortunately.

When I was putting together this outfit I was thinking about a relaxed work atmosphere followed by a coffee or a visit to a restaurant afterwards. If this was a real strict dress code, this wouldn't work cause of the open-toe shoes (and basically shoes all together). Anyway, I think yellow shoes and accessories will compliment this outfit well and they'll break this black-and-white thing we have going on here.
How fun is this dress? I don't know how I would look in this, but I love the idea of it, for sure. I wanted to make this outfit more edgy than elegant or cute so I chose some spiky necklace and ring. I also couldn't decide which shoes to choose. Higher heel is more my style here, but, since this can be a day outfit, lower ones may be a better choice. Make-up is neutral, but we have this really cute and bright yellow purse to round this look.
I have a feeling Celine T-shirts were a huge thing for a really short amount of time, but I still like the idea of a simple white T-shirt with black graphics. Since the writing is higher on the top, this would go great with a high-waist skirt which can look really casual. Playing it safe with all black accessories, of course. Then I knew it would be easier to put a yellow bag than yellow shoes cause I was afraid yellow shoes would get lost in this outfit. That's why we have complementary color here in purple shoes.
You all know I love blazers so I had to have one look with it. Simple white pants, white T-shirt and a bright yellow blazer would make a good look. To add some edge I added these nude heels, but with some snake print. To match it, I was able to find a purse that would go great with both of these parts.

** On a personal note this week: High school vs. uni/college

Which is your favorite item out of all of these? Do you usually wear yellow?


  1. Really liked the post! I love the pops of yellow, it’s my favorite color!
    About the whole Polyvore thing... you should of gotten an e-mail about it in the promotion section. I saw it today and I’m 90% the deadline to save your account hasn’t ended yet!!

    1. Thank you :) I don't wear much yellow, but I love to add it with some bags or scarves...

      Yes, I got the mail and thankfully I saved everything. But thank you so much for letting me know anyways :*

  2. Honey, this is an AWESOME pairing. The whole outfit. The dress, the coat, the shoes, the jewelry! Did you buy this? Love the pop of yellow as well. IF you didn't buy it...I think you should!

    1. The first outfit for a stroll out, the second for an excellent night out, the fourth is just edgy, and the last one is on trend and may be my favorite!