12 November 2018

Hydra Moisture Boosting Serum by Oriflame

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Welcome to the world of oily skin which was dried up. Yes, I'm the founder of this little community. This, however, is not a bad thing. I used to have extremely oily skin, especially T zone and it took me some time to realize what I need to do. Thankfully I found all the right products.

However, before I realized what my routine needs to be, I dried my skin with every existing mattifying product. Now I have it all in control, still using mattifying products, but I now know the importance of hydrating my skin.

Last time I wrote about Oriflame products, I had to emphasize that I was a member of that group and I had discount. Now, I'm still a member by papers, but this was ordered through a third person and I paid the full price. Don't ask me why I didn't use my own discount. I see now that it's around $20 so I guess there was a special deal when I bought it cause I got it for cheaper.

Face serum. For all skin types.

The packaging is very sleek and quite elegant when you hold it. It also comes with a pump which just makes everything easier. Pump also has a 'locked' position so you can be sure it won't come out in your bag or if your kid grabs it. And I love that they used this light blue color for hydrating product. There's 30 ml of serum in this bottle and it's good for 12 months, even though I know I'll finish it before that expiration date.

I was a bit worried that they don't say anything else on the packaging or on the bottle so I can't compare their statements and my results. However, this is a completely transparent serum in gel form, I would say. It's very thick, but as soon as it touches your skin it sort of melts and you can actually see water under it. It's very easy to apply it and spread it. I only need 2 pumps for my entire face and neck and I still have some product left on my hands which is great cause I keep forgetting to moisturize my hands.

I use this serum every night just after treating my face with some scrub or face wash and before applying my moisturizer (cream). As I said, I use mattifying products so I can usually feel a bit of dryness so this product gives back life to my skin. If I use only this, my skin feels just normal. Of course, I want it baby soft so I use some other products, but I can see that this product alone makes the difference in my routine.

Verdict? Apart from nice packaging, this is actually a good product. It's not something I couldn't live without, but I got used to it by now and I like the results it's giving me. It wasn't expensive and I see that I'll have it for quite a while so I definitely don't regret buying it. You can order it on their site, usually through an agent/consultant (link here).

What do you use for hydrating your skin? What's your skin type?

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