19 December 2018

Blgomas 2018: Why I'm failing Blogmas?

If you're a faithful reader of my blog, you probably noticed I missed 2 scheduled times to post. OK, I'll make it right now in one night. Or, at least, that's the plan. At times like this I always wonder if people actually realize I haven't posted... Like, are there actually faithful readers that do check my posting schedule? I sure hope so...

** On a personal note this week: My emo phase

There are few reasons why I've been totally failing this Blogmas. Some would say these are more excuses than reasons, but I guess it's personal stand on the topic. However you may classify it, I know real life will always come before this Internet life I'm having. I try really hard to keep up with blogging world, but if I have something outside of it, I'll most definitely take care of that first. Anyways, here's what has been happening lately.

Unexpected shift changes. The biggest part of my weird situation right now is my work. I had a student job where shifts were easily changed (if you found a person to change shifts with), but more importantly, a lot of people were getting sick so I had to (wanted to) stay longer hours. I did few double shifts and that time was planned for meeting my friends, taking care of house decorations, baking and this blog. Since I didn't have that, I had to cut something out.
(Unexpected) trips. I went to my grandparent's place one day to decorate their house and yard as I do each year, but we didn't actually plan when we will go. My mom just decided one morning that she's going so I went along. We also stayed there longer than I expected and later in the evening I went to the city with my mom. By the time I got home I was so tired so I just had dinner, watched TV for a bit and went to sleep. Also, I finally got to meet my favorite blogging friend Anja in person so an entire day went into that. We were planning to meet for quite some time now, but it still took me by surprise because I thought I had one more day in between Friday and Saturday I was traveling... I told her I was going to write a blog post as I get home, but of course I didn't. (You can see how cute we are on my Twitter).
Shopping. December is always crazy when it comes to shopping, but I thought it would be easier because I took care of all of my presents in November. However, I had to buy groceries, some decoration pieces, stuff for my grandparent's as they don't have a store anywhere near them... I also ran errands for my family because, for some reason, they think I have nothing better to do and I apparently have all the time in the world.

So here it is. All my excuses. I mean, reasons. Reasons why I haven't been active. How's your December going?

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