12 December 2018

Blogmas 2018: How to wrap presents? for dummies

I have no idea why, but I see so many people struggling with wrapping presents. And not only weirdly shaped ones, they struggle with plain boxes too. Now, for a person that absolutely love wrapping presents, and who does it in stead of other people too, this is something I don't fully understand. There are so many tutorials and step-by-step videos that we should all be masters of it. However, I know not all people are for it. They're not creative enough?

** On a personal note this week: NO to grand public signs of affection

Even though I said I love wrapping them, there are other options to wrapping a present and I'm here to reveal all the secrets! Follow these steps, add some bows or glitter and you'll be just fine! Also, if you need any ideas of what to buy, here's my Blogmas 2017: Gift guide (Christmas edition?) post ready to help you out.
  • give it to people working in store to wrap it
  • buy a nice box separately
  • buy a nice bag
  • make a bag out of wrapping paper for weirdly shaped presents
  • use cellophane for easy wrapping (that puff at the top is the easiest way to wrap irregular shapes)
  • imagine boxes of all shapes are just squares and wrap them as such (circular shape can also be wrapped as a square, trust me)
Since I completely suck at filming or making step-by-step tutorials for this, I'll link some videos I found that could be useful:

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