26 December 2018

Blogmas 2018: What I got for Christmas

Last time I did this, I put everything in post, but since I'm out of ideas and struggling with this year's Blogmas (reasons in the post Blgomas 2018: Why I'm failing Blogmas?, I decided to break it down into two. You can read how my last year's Blogmas went and what I got in the post Blogmas 2017: Recap (December, Blogmas, presents) if you're interested.

** On a personal note this week: YouTube/blogging vs. real job

As last year, I gave few hints here and there throughout the year, but I was honestly surprised by the presents. I'm impressed my family remembered what I've said and they actually got presents on time before they were sold out. Also, as I pay attention to wrapping presents, I have to say Santa did very well. I mean, elves. I can't really see the old Santa wrapping each present...

First thing I opened was this turquoise backpack. I saw it months ago and said how it's really cute and I couldn't even imagine getting it. There are few reasons why I love it: vinyl finish, turquoise color which I adore and glitter all over it. There really isn't a better combination. Also, the reason why I wanted it is because I decided I would travel more this year. Taking this on a day or two trips will be ideal (I know how to pack and you can check it in my post Pack with me). Since I usually wear black, having this backpack will make my outfits just that much better!

Next under the tree was this bronze box/case. If you've been following me, you should know turquoise and bronze have been my favorite colors for quite some time now and bronze is a statement color in my room decor so this will go great with it. I'm not sure what it's for exactly, but my family knows I have tons of nail supplies so I immediately got rid of some old boxes and transferred stuff into this cute case. I'll need probably two more, but this is a great start.

Last thing I got from Santa with my family involved are these gloves. I got one pair last winter and those are supper warm and cute, but I wanted some I can wear on daily basis. I absolutely love this pair and they're a great combination of fake leather and knitted part. I already wore them and I'm in love with them. They're for sure much warmer than what I had so far.

From my friends I got "small stuff". Anja, whom I met for the first time this December, got me these 2 super cute jars of homemade jam which is super thoughtful and amazing gift. She also got me this strawberry that turns into shopping bag which is handy and perfect for my small bags. The last thing she got me is a pack of tea. All of it was placed in this beautiful box with a ribbon on it. My best friends here at home got me this glass bottle with and owl (cause there's an inside joke with owls) and super awesome and cute Christmas ornament with a sweet message that's already hanging in my room so it's not here. I also got a magnet of our writer which I love. Along with it, include lots of candies. This last dotted case and make-up is from my brother's fiancee's parents. I didn't expect anything from them, but the fact they even know I like make-up is a huge thing and I love it.

What did you get? Are you happy with your presents? You should be ☺

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