17 December 2018

Blogmas 2018: Items that bring Christmas into every home on a budget

I realized now that I have a lot more non-beauty posts in this Blogmas than I had in mind. I'm surprisingly OK with that. To be honest, these are easier to write down because I'm already thinking it and I juts have to write it. Usually, I lose a lot of time doing photos for my blog. Now that we're this close to Christmas, I have no spare time, not even a minute. It's currently midnight, I'm getting up in 5 hours to go to work and I just now got the time to write this. So yeah, life posts it is.

** On a personal note this week: My emo phase

Most of my college friends are away from home for most of December, most people I know are still renting a place and not having their own which is why they usually don't go all out with decorations for Christmas. I get it you don't want to spend a lot of money for decor for a place that's not yours. Even if you take it all with you when you get your own place (or home if you're just away), you'll have tons of stuff to move which is also a struggle.
Since I love Christmas decor, I think I would need to decorate any place I would be staying at. I'm even decorating our work place and I work with about 30 people, but I took the initiative. Whatever. If you need ideas for decorations, I suggest you read my Blogmas 2017: DIY Christmas ornaments which are all pretty affordable, small and easy to move and reuse.

Make/buy a wreath for the table. Wreaths are basically a signature item for Christmas. Of course, along with the tree and Santa, but wreaths are way smaller and easier to move around and store even in small places. I made a post Blogmas 2018: Christmas wreaths DIY if you need some inspiration.
Christmas vase. I mentioned some flowers in the previously linked post, but seriously putting a  (fake) Poinsettia or some berries on branches in a simple glass vase can make a huge difference on the coffee table in some corner. You can also put a Christmas ornament or two on those branches.
Candles. There are so many candles out there I'm sure you'll find a scent for yourself. Or just buy scentless. I'm really not a candle person as most bloggers are, but there's this time of the year when I have about 10 candles across my room. They're not always lit, but just the candle holder in Christmas style is enough to bring the mood into the room.
Snow globes. I personally love snow globes with different motives. They are usually small, but have it all in one - snowman, church, Santa, kids and much more. Of course, the snow which is sometimes lacking in real life.
Christmas music. Now, I know this is not an item as such, but music is usually the mood creator so all you need to do is play some Christmas playlist and you'll know you're in December. Make a mix of new and old, cheerful and sad. You want the full experience.
Place wrapped presents all around. Even though you're on a budget, there are good chances you're buying presents for your loved ones. I would always suggest buying them as soon as possible and I also have Blogmas 2017: Gift guide (Christmas edition?) if you need some ideas, but wrapping them nicely and placing somewhere in your apartment can bring the Christmas mood. You'll have to give them on Christmas or sometimes later, but at least you'll have decor until the big day. If you can't wrap them, here's help in my post Blogmas 2018: How to wrap presents? for dummies.

What is your favorite piece of decor for Christmas?

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