12 March 2018

Introducing new segment & changes to the blog

Hello! Let's take a break from my usual content to show you something new here. If you don't know already, I do these "Info posts" every now and then when I have something new to say, some new category to introduce or basically anything that doesn't fit my beauty world.
Today I have some news, one addition to this blog. I'm pretty excited for it, but I'll let you decide if that's something you'd like to see or not. Feedback is always appreciated. I'll also fill you in on my life lately a bit.

Some of you may know that I wrote another blog before this one. After few months of putting that one on hold, I got back to it and I'm posting regularly there. So I thought it would be a good idea to connect the two blogs.
I post every Sunday at noon CET on my other, personal blog. So, my plan is to link a post I wrote there in each post on this blog in case you're more interested in personal stuff or some specific topics. That other blog has mostly my opinions on certain topics, movie reviews, rants and so on... I'm happy with that blog and the idea, so I hope you'll appreciate it too.

Also, I changed the right section of my blog. I do read a lot of blogs regularly, but I'll keep only my favorite there. They're not paying me for it and I'm not getting anything here. I just like to share what I love. I also changed the YouTube section below it cause my subscription box is changing all the time.

As for my life, I'm a lot busier that I though I would be now cause I'm working on a project every single day for about 10 hours and I'm basically done with the day when I finish that work. I hope my blogs won't suffer because of that. To tell the truth, I'm not happy with this arrangement. I thought it would be much easier and I would have all this free time, but my life came down to work-home (eat and sleep). Hopefully, that'll change soon.

As for this blog, I'm trying to include some new stuff which you should be able to see soon. Also, wish me luck cause I'm trying to get the courage to ask some sites and brands to work with me in some ways. Any advice on that would be highly appreciated!!

** On personal note this week: Is working out only for fit people?

That's all! Comment any advice you have, ideas, critics... :)

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