29 March 2018

Tasty tortilla/fajita/taco recipe!

If you didn't get it by now, I'm not much of a cook. I cook only if I have to and if something hits me in the head. However, there are some really easy meals I do like to make. I like to work with ingredients I know can be eaten raw so I can't really undercook it or not bake enough. I play it safe in the kitchen. Sue me.
But seriously, who can be bothered with long meal preparations? I know meal preps for a whole week in advance are really popular, but that's not how we do it. There are some food that can be eaten few days later and this is one of those. I make this and I have 2 days full of food. I showed  you two easy recipes by now and you can find them under the label "food" or "recipe" or category "life".
I'd also like to say I don't really know the difference between tortilla, fajita, taco or any other food like that, but we adjusted it to our personal preferences. So this isn't either of these meals, this is a meal made up by my brother and me.

You'll need:
  • wheat tortillas
  • minced meat (400 g for 2-3 people, 800 g for about 5 according to my family)
  • grated cheese
  • spices - fajita mix, taco mix, pepper, salt,...
  • vegetables - bell pepper, tomato, pickles, corn, cucumbers, chilly, beans, lettuce,...
  • sauces - mayonnaise, ketchup, hot sauce,...
We basically use whatever we have in the fridge that day, but tortillas, meat and cheese are a must for us. Also, it depends on how you like your meat, but we just put all minced meat in a pan on a bit of oil and let it stew for some time (until it changes colors and start to get tasty). Then I take either fajita or taco mix and follow the instructions on the packaging. While the meat is cooking, I prepare all other ingredients. I chop all vegetables into small pieces and I grate cheese so it would be easier to sprinkle it all on my tortilla. Tortillas are bought so we just microwave them and they're ready. Once the meat is ready, you basically put everything you like on the tortilla and your meal is done.
This isn't much of a recipe, but more of an idea what to make. It's easy to make, it takes about an hour to do it, it's almost really healthy, there are lots of vegetables involved so there's a salad in there too... We love this. Also, if you have a bunch of side ingredients, there's certainly something for everybody. Nobody so far has turned down this idea.

What are you cooking today? How often do you cook?

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