01 March 2018

DIY photo frame + room decor

You should know I consider myself creative. Yeah, I'm modest like that. But I think I'm more creative when I need to be. I see potential in lots of stuff and I try to adjust them to suit my needs and wishes. That's why I started "DIY category" on my blog.
A while back (like, two years ago), I wrote a post DIY: Motivational picture where I showed you how to easily and quickly upgrade your old picture frame. This time, I bought some frame I liked, but it didn't suit my needs for display so I had to make some adjustments. I'll also share some of my ideas for decorating your room with pictures and photos in frames.
P.S. My camera decided to die on me while taking these photos, so they may be a bit blurry.
As you can see, this was a frame to hang on the wall. However, I needed it to stand on the desk, table or shelf. For now, I'm not putting any more holes into my walls.

You'll need:
  • cardboard or some plastic
  • glue and tape
  • scissors or knife or something for cutting
  • ruler
  • pen or pencil or something to mark the height
I chose this frame cause I already have 3 exact same ones so I wanted to continue with the same look. I took this cardboard I had from some mail box, folded it, measured where it should go according to how steep I wanted my photo to stand. I marked the place, cut away the rest. Then I glued together the back side and the stand, but liquid glue didn't work (I think because the backside of the frame is polished and shiny). I had to use tape and I used this wide one to cover more surface. I also added this transversal piece (crossbeam, if you will) for support. It's just in case this first part wants to slide away.
And that would be it. Notice I didn't make clean cuts and straight edges, that I didn't hide the tape and made it more presentable. I was planning on spray painting the back so it wouldn't be visible at all, but it's not visible as it is now cause it's put against the wall and TV so no one can see the backside.

My tips for decorating rooms with photos and pictures:
  • choose all the same frames or the ones that complement each other (with shapes, colors, etc)
  • make your own prints
  • frame puzzles with your favorite motive
  • frame birthday cards
  • buy a big frame and just throw some dear photos inside (let them overlap and be crooked)
  • buy multiple-photos frames
  • find good texts/photos that come with the frame
As you can see here, first photo are actually puzzles. I'm obsessed with Brooklyn bridge in New York, but as I got this, there wasn't Brooklyn bridge available and this bridge (I believe it's Oakland Bay bridge in San Franicso) was pretty enough. Also, these puzzles glow in the dark. The next one I actually bought as only a frame and I thought I would throw this paper away, but I actually really like the way it looks and the arrows so I kept it as a picture. The last one was spray painted and I ordered this specific one and I got to watch a man do it in front of me which was pretty amazing. (Google any spray painting art and be amazed; here's a random video.)
I bought this double-sided frame at IKEA and I measured the dimensions of the photos that could be used. Then I opened a simple Word document, drew a square in those dimensions and then I started plying around creating my perfect photos. I knew I wanted some inspirational quotes that are going to represent me. I chose these two and I also wrote the authors on the bottom (which are slightly covered by the frame). Just quotes would have been to plain so I went with my room theme - bronze and copper. I found images of heels and airplane in these colors and placed them inside a frame. Depending on the day or mood, I just turn the frame around and I have new decoration piece.
Bonus tip: You can also do one side totally colorful and the other black and white to represent two sides of everything.
This is the frame I upcycled in the previously mentioned blog post. However, that was more about quickly doing some minor changes to the frame itself and not about making a real photo. I just quickly wrote "Stay strong" with a marker and that was it. Now I did the same thing as with the previous frame. I made a square in Word document with these dimensions and put together a picture I loved.

I love fun projects like this, so let me know if you want me to make some photos/posters for you guys. I would do them for free and send them over via e-mail. 

How do you like this post? Do you have any fun and quick DIYs I could do?

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