26 February 2018

Winter night out

How long has it been since I last posted some outfit post? My 'fashion tab' says the last one was in December when I showed you 20 holiday outfits. So, it's been too long. It's currently winter here and, even though the strongest one should have been in December and January, February is so far the coldest month this winter.

Note: All outfits can be found on the links below the pictures and all items are visible on the links. Just hover over the item and you'll see the name, brand and the price.
Of course, cold weather and snow won't stop me from enjoying every moment of my free time. This includes going out for walks and going out meeting my friends for coffee and also going clubbing. Now, I've put together these 6 outfits I would wear on these days. Also have in mind that my everyday winter outfits are quite different from these cause it's freaking freezing outside. Also keep in mind, you're supposed to get rid of the jacket when you get somewhere and I assume all places have heating on.
Starting with a simple outfit, I would wear this while meeting my friends for coffee or lunch. There are basic pieces like black jeans and black-and-white striped top. Also, grey coat can be paired with almost anything and black knee-high boots are a good choice for winter. I chose high heels cause I know I wouldn't be wearing this doing my everyday chores and stuff. I love this pink bag (although I'm not a fan of pink at all) because it really brings some color and fun to this outfit. With a statement bag like this, I chose minimalistic jewelry.
OK, this one is a bit more special. Not everyone is able to wear skirts during winter. I know I won't be wearing one anytime soon how cold it is. However, this is a bit thicker, knitted almost skirt with interesting pattern. I paired it with the most simple black crop top with long sleeved. I chose crop top only because I would consider this a high-waist skirt. There's again a grey coat. To add some color, I chose this warm coral/orange details which match the stripes on the skirt. Also, imagine you're going to some fancy dinner and add some heels.
For all girls that like more neutral tones, there's this outfit. Black, grey and muted pink is a perfect combination. I like this outfit because you can wear it as casual and as more fancy, as you wish. It all depends on accessories to be honest. For this semi-casual version, I chose safe black boots, bucket bag and a black hat for that extra touch.
To get away from the grey coat a bit, I made this reflective jacket a statement piece here. I honestly love this copper color lately so I wanted to incorporate it here too. I also chose this simple, but interesting crop top and, since it's a crop top, I had to choose high-waisted jeans. It's cold outside. To go with this over-the-top jacket, I chose shiny leather ankle boots that I love and a bag with the same shine. Jewelry is also minimalistic, just a watch with few bracelets and a pair of subtle earrings.
This is my favorite outfit. I had clubbing in mind when I was putting this together. I get it it's winter, but I've been loving sheer tops lately so I chose this button-up shirt with stars. Not to be crazy in this weather, I also chose a tank-top/camisole to go under it. Jeans are boyfriend shape with lots of different textures and cut-outs to add to the edginess of this outfit. Then I added this gorgeous block-heel boots and a backpack (cause I'm cool like that). To finish the look I chose some red details to match the red stars on the shirt. Jacket with (fake) fur should keep you warm.

What's your favorite fashion combination for winter? What's your favorite outfit here?


  1. I LOVE the boots in the second look and all of the bags you've chosen are gorgeous, definitely some great inspiration here!- x

    1. They are ultimate great boots :D
      thank you! I kinda have a thing for bags haha

      thanks for coming and commenting :*

  2. I need to get a silky black tank like the one in the last outfit, it would be perfect alone or under so many things! Love the mix in textures that you have here :)

    1. me too! I've bought some sheer tops so this is very much needed :D

      thanks :*

  3. I love everything!!!! Although, I have really fallen in love with the first look especially. Those heeled booties aren't usually something I'd go for, but I seem to like them a lot. I've also been loving dusky pinks and greys this time of the year as well x

    1. There are so many stuff I usually wouldn't go for, but then I see the whole outfit or just someone wearing it and I totally change my mind haha
      glad you liked it :)

      thank you for visiting and commenting :)