22 February 2018

What's in my bag? | final college edition

I don't know if you're familiar with the fact that I'm finishing college soon, but I am. I still have it until the September this year, but I have these few months only to write a final paper (or should a say - a freaking book). I have lots of feeling towards this, but that's a topic for another post.
So, now I present you my bag. My newest bag that I bought especially for college, but only for the last 3 months. I could have bought it sooner, but I was looking for a good one and now here I am. This is, hopefully, my final college edition bag. I already wrote some posts on this topic, so you can check them out under the label What's in my bag.
First of all, this bag was bought in a local store for quite a low price of $20. It's nothing special, but it's neutral, dark, big enough to hold A4 papers, sturdy, with glossy parts... Overall I love it. It's fake leather which is not completely smooth, but has some texture. It also has one pocket outside, one dividing the main part, one smaller one inside and also 2 opened pockets.
I'll start with the main things of this bag. Since it's a college edition, I have my notebooks, books, scripts, notes, pencil case and a calculator (I showed you just one notebook here, but be sure I have 5 kg of just papers in there - daily). These are all pretty basic and the only thing I could actually pick is the pencil case so I chose this one with dots cause I'm pretty much obsessed with anything dotted. I also have one plain white and I change them regularly.
Out of other stuff, I have few separate pouches which I already mentioned in one of my previous posts What's in my bag | summer 2017 and What's in my beauty bag?. I also have a cute card holder with these ladybugs on it. I keep all my membership cards in there. It was ordered on eBay few years back. There are also wipes and paper tissues always with me. Of course, being a girl, I need my lady pads and I keep at least 2 of those with me all the time.
Of course, I have to have my wallet. I also introduced this one before. It's just a normal big wallet for my money and important cards. I also never leave my apartment without my headphones. I keep them in this pouch that was bought for my old phone, but my current phone is way too big for this so it actually worked out great. On most days, I'll also take my water bottle with me. I already showed you my big bottle and now I got this smaller one which is easier to carry.

Currently that's all in my bag. What do you always carry with you? Are your shoulders dying like mine are?


  1. Your bag is so organized! I swear I can't leave the house without a purse full of crap I don't need haha. I wish mine was big enough to hold notebooks and other things that I need for classes!

    1. I just had to buy this one. College couldn't take my small bags seriously haha
      I love keeping bags/desks/etc organized. I think I would probably lose my mind if it wasn't like this haha

      thank you :* :*

  2. This is a nice looking bag, something I would buy. I like that you are so organized. I have a wallet that I can just pull out and use as a wristlit. I also have a zipped makeup bag with ever thing in it. It takes me 3 seconds to change bags.

    1. I'm glad you like it :D
      omg, great. We then understand each other :)