15 February 2018

Life on the dance floor lipstick review

Few posts ago, I said I won't buy any more lipsticks. Cause I already have too many and, let's be real, I don't wear make-up that often. However I also said that just wearing a good lipstick can make me look put together and ready to concur the day. So here I am.
Since I like neutral make-up for most days, I'm always looking for some nude shades, something that will just pick me up and won't make me look unnatural. Have I found 'the one'?

For some time now, I've been a fan of Makeup Revolution as a brand. They have affordable make-up, great quality (as far as I've tried it), practical and nice packaging. They're also cruelty free. They've just came out with their newest collection called Life on the dance floor. This collection has 4 eyeshadow palettes and 12 lipsticks divided into 4 categories. Basically the whole collection is divided by colors: sparkly black, sparkly rose gold, sparkly gold and sparkly silver. Check it all out in the link I gave you (you can change the country and the currency on the top right of the site).
Now, let's first talk about the packaging. All colors are so freaking pretty and glittery and I'm loving it. The bullet itself looks like a MAC lipstick. There's a clear bottom and you can see your shade so that's convenient if you buy more of these. The lid looks kinda thin plastic, but it already fell and mine didn't break. The rest of it looks really classy and expensive. It's honestly the prettiest lipstick I own, if we're judging only the looks of it.
For my skin and lip tone, this is the perfect nude color. It's is called Head turner. It's deeper than what I usually called a perfect nude (that would be Essence #06 Barely there with lip swatches in my post My Essence lipstick collection). The color is richer, but also creamy. It's easy to apply, it's really pigmented. It's satin/matte, but doesn't dry out your lips. I've worn it with my Essence longlasting lipliner in the shade #05 lovely frappuccino (you can find it here also) which is my go-to nude lipliner and it's almost a perfect match!
I wore it for my birthday lunch and it survived the entire lunch and talking and drinking. It started to wear off when I got to the desert, but from another person's point of view, it still looked good. I noticed wearing off when I got really close to the mirror.
I said I won't buy more make-up, but after trying this one, I want to try more of this collection.

Do you have your perfect nude lipstick? How do you like this one?


  1. I really love this line from MUR - I don't have this shade though, it looks like the perfect every day colour!
    Helpless Whilst Drying

    1. It's just a tiny bit dark for my every day looks, but I absolutely love it. I'm planning on getting some more :D

      thank you for visiting :)

  2. Headturner is such a nice shade! My all time favourite is Brave! xx

    1. by MAC? I like all the photos of it, but I think it would be too pink for my taste... I should go and see in person :)

      thank you for visiting :*