19 February 2018

How to remove stubborn nail polish

How long has it been since I've done a nails related post? I love these so much it always feels like it's been at least 6 months (and it's been a month now...). While we're on the topic, I'm looking for more nail bloggers so if you are one or if you know one, let me know.
You know I love painting my nails all colors, stickers, rhinestones, glitter... You name it. If it's for nails, I probably have it and I've used it. However, the worst part of doing manicures on weekly basis (I have no idea how some people can paint their nails every day) is taking it all off. I may have found the perfect solution for this.
Note: You can find my entire manicure routine, keeping my nail polish intact for 2 weeks and more here: My nails and manicures routine.

I sometimes have up to 6 layers of nail polish on a single finger. (In case you're wondering - base coat, 2 coats of colored polish, drawings/stickers/ombre, water-based top coat, real top coat). Of course this varies from having just one layer up to this number, but it's usually a struggle to remove it all at once. Darker colors are even worse - staining everything and making my finders and hands looking like a bloody mess.
This is where my trick comes in. If this sounds familiar already (yay, you read my blog!), I have a post just like this Removing nail polish written in January 2015. (Check out my photography improvement.) However, I just wanted to write this one again cause I know this is a struggle and I doubt anyone checks blog history up to 3 years.
I started with this really dark manicure that actually had 6 layers of nail polish on each finger. Also, there are stickers and a bit of glitter nail polish. I already removed big rhinestones by just ripping them off. I wouldn't really suggest that "technique" if you have a rhinestone directly glued to your finger without any coat of polish in between.
Then I take cotton balls (and I was fancy here so I took these cotton pads and cut each into 4 and I left just halfs for my thumbs cause they were too big for quarters) and soak them with nail polish remover. You don't want them to be dripping soaked, but you want a nice amount of the remover. You can add more remover, if you think you need it, later.
I obviously just place each cotton piece on each of my nails and leave them like that for about 5 minutes. Depending on the number of layers of nail polish and different types of nail polish, this can vary from 3 to 10 minutes. I usually write my blog while they're doing their work and I can function with these on. However, you can put some tape to secure them or kitchen aluminum foil. There are also "professional" cups for fingers (something like this), but for a regular polish just regular nail polish remover and cotton balls will be enough.
Once they're like this (I used a picture from removing some other manicure, that's why they're blue), you know they're ready. The more nail polish you see on the cotton ball, the more nail polish is removed from your nail. With cotton pads I used above is kinda different because they're thicker and you maybe won't get the same image. Press down with pointer and middle finger and support the finger from below with a thumb (or the opposite - thumb on top and middle with pointer finger below), press firmly and evenly on the nail and pull the cotton pad.
After I'm done with removing nail polish, I was my hands and proceed with my usual nail care which I kinda described in the post Quick & easy nail care.

What's your favorite manicure to wear? Do you even paint your nails?


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