12 February 2018

Veet beauty styler

Let's just get this out in the open - I'm a hairy girl. Nobody would probably say that cause I hate my hairs (other than my actual hair on my head) and I, more or less, take care of it. However, there are hairs I can't simply take off with waxing or shaving. I can, but I don't want to. And I finally decided to put some money into a hair trimmer.
 Winter has been good to me in terms of hairs. As usual, they're growing slower and thinner during winter so it makes me really happy. However, my hate for winter clothes (or love for short-sleeved tops) exposes my arm hair more than I would want to. Also, make-up doesn't go as smooth with this peach fuzz I have going on. Veet is wide known for their shaving kits, accessories and everything related to smooth, hairless skin. When I saw this trimmer on discount, I decided to give it a try.

This trimmer was around $15 here on discount. It comes with a battery, main part where the battery goes and where the motor is (I suppose), 2 heads (one with wider trimmer and one with narrow and small trimmers), brush to clean out hairs, 2 head attachments for choosing the length of the hair and 3 styling pieces. There's also this white bag perfect for storing everything and taking with you on a trip.

It's a small thing, but I actually love when they provide a battery to start with so you can use it immediately. Changing these heads and attachments is really simple and easy and you can change it all in a minute. However, what I don't get are these 3 rubber shapes. They're supposed to be guidelines for you to perfectly shape the hairs on your private parts. I get that it may be a thing for someone, but it just looks really impractical and weird if you ask me. However, this was a bikini edition, so that's supposed to be there. I'm sure I won't use those.
The usage itself is really simple. This device is really gentle in terms of not pulling or scratching your skin at all. That's why I like it more than a razor for some places. I use this for hairs on my arms and face. For arms I use this wider part and for face, of course, this thin long one. I also use this thin short one for brow area. I tried to do my legs with it, but it's just to narrow for such big area so I gave it up.
It works great for thin hairs and hairs that are not dense and thick. So you'll have to take that into consideration according to your hair issues. It also struggles with any longer hairs (I may have tried this on my brother's leg).
Verdict? I love (!) to use it on my face. I can still feel just a bit of hair peeking through the skin, but they are so soft and thin it doesn't bother me one bit. It's easy to use and very precise. It's easy to change the parts, to clean it and to remove your hairs easy and painless. Chances of getting cut are so small (unless you have some scab or pimple...). I would recommend this trimmer for quick fix-ups and for precise usage. I know most girls struggle with peach fuzz so this is a solution (not as smooth as after waxing or shaving cause it's not actually touching the skin or pulling out the root, but works great for me).

Seriously, how do you deal with hair? Do you even care about it?

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