29 December 2018

Blogmas 2018: Recap

It's officially the end of my Blogmas. I hope you had fun. I know most people don't post Blogmas posts after Christmas, but I celebrate Christmas the entire December and we actually have holidays until 6th of January so I think I can get a pass here.

** On a personal note this week: YouTube/blogging vs. real job

First, I'll link all of my Blogmas posts of this year just in case you missed some and then I'll recap this month in several categories.
Blogging. As you probably know and see from the list here, I struggled quite a bit with this Blogmas. I don't do traditional Blogmas and post every day, but only 3 days in a week. I had much more things to do, including my new job that I didn't have last year, but you can read more about it in a post Blgomas 2018: Why I'm failing Blogmas?. I'm honestly disappointed that I failed and I actually left one space blank in the counting because I'm going to add one more Blogmas post so I would feel better about it. You can call it cheating, but I can't just leave it like that and I need to fill in all the posting places.

Posts. I know I probably could have done a better job with my posts, but, as I said, I was struggling and I did my best. Posts may not be the best, but I'm really proud of what I did in them. I love my manicures and especially DIYs. I had so much fun doing all DIYs this year so I really hope I inspired someone to do the same. Wrapping presents is also my favorite thing about Christmas presents so I love my post. Egomaniac. Haha. I also like that I went a bit more personal and lifestyle with my posts as opposed to beauty and reviews as I do the rest of the year.

Christmas. For some reason I was super stressed out about the presents even though I bought most of them in November already. However, I had to buy presents for other people too, as in for my dad to give my mom and so on. Then there were decorating issues because I always need to decorate it all myself and I have to decorate everything at my grandparent's which you can see on my Instagram (direct link on the right). However, I think this was the best Christmas I had in a long time. The day itself was perfect, family was happy, presents were awesome (and you can see them all in post Blogmas 2018: What I got for Christmas), food was delicious and I was just extremely happy.

Wishlist. If you read my post Blogmas 2018: December wishlist, you know what I wanted to do this December or winter. There are few things I haven't done and those are related to snow because we haven't had snow yet so I'll post-pone that for January when we usually have snow in my city. Other than that, I still have to do photoshoot which is scheduled for next week after New Year. I also haven't visited our castles, but I did visit a castle in Ljubljana, Slovenia so that counts too. If we'll have snow while I'll be free of job, I'll definitely go visit some our these nearby. The only thing on the list I'm not sure I'll do is ice-skating. I haven't been ice-skating for 3 years now, maybe 4 and it's making me really sad so I really hope I'll find friends to go with me!

How did your December go? Share your favorite moments with me!

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