15 December 2018

Blogmas 2018: Christmas traditions

Blogmas 7: Silent Night
Why do we all consider Christmas time "the most wonderful time of the year"? Is it because all the glitter, lights, presents? All the commercials? Everybody telling us it is? To be honest, I don't know why I consider it my favorite time of the year, but I do. I guess it's just a mix of everything, but most importantly for me - it's traditions. I'm a person that loves traditions and I'll make my own if I really like something. So, today I'm going to write just about that!

** On a personal note this week: NO to grand public signs of affection

For as long as I can remember, my family had only 2 things we always did. However, with me growing up and starting to love Christmas time more and more by the year, I added few stuff on our list. Here's what I love to do... If you want to know what else I love to do you have Blogmas 2017: 10 things I love & hate about winter & Christmas time! post or what I would recommend doing during winter, you have my Blogmas 2018: What to do during winter post. Also, you can learn more about me and my Christmases in the post Blogmas 2017: The Mystery Blogger Award which I was tagged in by my friend Anja from Gaia-S blog and Blogmas 2017: Christmas tag which I made myself. And now we're moving on to the traditions...
  • midnight mass on Christmas Eve
This is something I've done since I can remember. I always went with my grandma and I still do. It used to be my brother and sometimes my grandpa with us, but it's usually just the two of us and I love that we still share that even though my grandma is 80 and I can assume it's kinda rough for her but she doesn't complain one bit. We get all dressed up (even though it's -10°C and no one can see under out coats) and go to the village church which is always beautiful.
  • putting up a tree on Christmas Eve
Even though modern days have been pressuring us to celebrate Christmas in November, this is another thing we always did the same. Other decor can be up or not, but the tree always always goes up the day before Christmas. In the past few years we've put up a tree one day earlier because I want to participate and I go to my grandparent's on the 24th as I always wait for Christmas at their place (which is I guess another tradition).
  • hiding our presents
I mentioned it before, but my family loves surprises. Although we know Santa's getting presents for us, we like to keep them a secret and hidden for as long as possible which usually results in sneaking around the tree at 4 a.m. on a Christmas day. We also open them the first thing in the morning which is why it's important to get up first so you can be the one waking everybody up!
  • house decorations go up on the 2nd of December
This one is few years old and created by me. My brother is born on December 1st so that's his day and I never want to take away from that so, even though the Christmas month officially starts, we start the next day. And I love that it's something ours. I usually decorate my room first and then I start slowly adding stuff to the rest of the house. My room usually has a color theme, the rest is just colorful the way it's supposed to be...
  • attending lighting the Christmas lights
Our city has this big thing each year where Christmas lights are lit by our mayor. It's always the 1st of December, somewhere around 7 p.m. and my mom and me have been going for 4 years now. It's just a countdown with beautiful lights going on, but we love it. There's always food and drink and, of course, Christmas music blasting all over the place.
  • attending charity concert
There's one charity concert that I discovered 10 years ago and since then I haven't missed it once. A bunch of our famous singers get together, each sings few of their own songs and it's always so much fun! I usually go with my two best friends who make everything better so I absolutely love sharing my love for concerts with them.

What are your traditions? Do you only stick with what your parents did or you made some of your own?

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