31 December 2018

Empties | 2018

OMG it's officially the last post of 2018. It's already a boring statement, but each year passes by faster than the previous one and it scares me. By the products I'll show you in this post, it actually looks like I used some more than I usually do and this post won't be a miss. 
If you don't know, this post is my yearly thing and you can read Empties | 2017 and Empties | 2016. I'll divide products into few categories and give my short reviews and/or links to my review posts. So enjoy.

Nail products:
Rosal nail polish remover. This is the only nail polish remover I've been using for years now. I go through a lot of these throughout the year, but I kept only one bottle. I tried some other nail polish removers, but I always go back to this one. It's pretty affordable and does a great job.
Nail files. This is not something I could recommend or say they're bad. I just had to replace these because I had them for a long time and they weren't as good as they used to be.
Bo-po nail polish. I tested these peel-off polishes and there's a post coming, but this particular shade is no good. I kept a red one which you'll also see.
The One nail polishes. These are Oriflame products and in the time I was buying these I still used my membership discount. However, their nail polishes are really bad. Colors are really pretty, brush is almost perfect, but the staying power is horrible. I had a chipped nail after two days.
Avon Mark nail polish. My mom got this one and it's supposed to be a good one, but they're not. They're quite expensive for a nail polish and they don't live up to the expectations. Maybe it's just this shade, but it's not pigmented and opaque enough and it doesn't stay long on the nails.
Barry M peel-off base. I absolutely hate this product. I could have done something wrong when applying it, but I'm too scared to try it ever again. You can see the horror in my post Barry M peel-off nail polish base. There's even a video to prove how bad it was.
Smart girls mini nail polish. I've had this for years now and that's the only reason why I'm getting rid of it. It's old, it changed in formula a bit and it's just not good to apply anymore.
Spray on nail polish. Essence had these this past summer and I wanted to try it. I tested it and post is coming as soon as I manage to edit a video for it. I'll just say it was OK.

Hair products:
Biokap shampoo. I'm guessing you don't have this on your market. You're not missing on much. I bought it to fight my dandruff and this was supposed to be good. It was a complete waste of money and it's quite expensive. My scalp itched all the way and I stopped using it after about 2 or 3 weeks cause I couldn't stand it.
Yves Rocher shampoos and viegar. OK, I know I promised this last year, but I'll actually write a review on these soon. As you can assume, I obviously love these products as I keep buying them.
Le Petit Marseiliais hair mask. As I said in my last post featuring this brand, I like these masks, but I wouldn't say they're anything extraordinary. They're good, worth the money, but also replaceable.
Pantene hair mask. Now this one is a bit better than the previously mentioned one. I loved the container itself because the lid could pop up instead of being swirled which I found more practical. I also really liked the smell of it and how it made my hair nice and silky for a long time.

Make-up products:
I guess this was the year I used the least make-up, at least in the other half of the year. I also have a lot of make-up, way more than a normal girl should have, so it's hard for me to use anything to the end. However, I have these two.
Essence Get picture ready primer. I mentioned this a hundred times, but I absolutely love this primer. I use it under make-up and on it's own to mattify my skin and it works. It's pretty cheap and definitely worth the money. I also got about 7 of these because I knew they would cancel its production.
Catrice Liquid camouflage concealer. I think all beauty world knows about this product and it's even Tati approved which means a lot! As I don't use concealer at all, I used this as an eye shadow primer and it is the best thing for it.

Skincare and dental products:
Sensodyne tooth paste. I now only use Sensodyne pastes because I have sensitive teeth and gums and I found that these work well for me. If you don't have problems with your teeth I would not recommend these just because they're like 100% more expensive than the normal ones.
Nivea toner. I've wrote about this product a lot and you all should know by now I love their skincare products so I would definitely recommend it. You can read about it more in the post Review: Nivea blue collection for face cleansing.
Oriflame Love Nature shower gel. Again, this was bought on membership discount, but I'll definitely continue to buy it. I'm now on my, I think, 5th bottle and I'm absolutely loving it. It has some micro-beads for exfoliation and the smell is just gorgeous so it's my favorite shower gel by far.
Balea shaving gel. There's no need to talk a lot about this product. It's a normal shaving gel, but why I love it is it's price which is super affordable. Also, it does the job and smells really nice. Since I tried these 2 years ago, those are the only ones I buy.
Balea bodylotion. I don't know how to feel about this one. It was affordable, nice body lotion, but nothing more. I mean, I would buy it again, but I can't say it's the best thing out there. If you need an affordable body lotion, get this one. You shouldn't be disappointed.
Garnier aqua bomb. You probably know I love Garnier's green sheet mask, but this one is also high on my list of good masks. I don't know actually what more to say other than if you don't mind paying a bit too much for a sheet mask, this one is great. I also know a lot of people don't like them, but I guess you'll just have to try them for yourself and see.
L'Oreal pure clay green mask. I wrote a review on it in the post Review: L'Oreal Pure clay purify mask (green one) so you can read that if you need more info. For me, I really liked it at first because it kept my skin matte, but the more I used it, the more I realized I need something more. It's definitely not a bad mask and I'll maybe buy it again, but for now I'll give my face a break from it...
Oriflame Love nature gel cream. I thought this would be a perfect light cream for every day use, but I was wrong. It was good the first few times I used it and then I noticed it doesn't suit my skin anymore. I found a much better option also from Oriflame which I currently use so this one is going to trash. It was also bought on membership discount.

Other products:
These are few random things I had at home and I wanted to mention them too.
Head/shampoo comb. I have no idea what this is actually called, but it's supposed to be used to massage your scalp while you have shampoo on your hair. I think. I tried it and all it did was tangle my hair. I also couldn't massage my scalp cause I have dense hair and I couldn't actually move it around.
Water bottle. I had this plastic bottle that I used to carry around all the time. I've had it for over a year and it finally showed some sighs on aging when I put juice in it and this juice stained the plastic as you can see so I changed my bottle for a stainless steel one.
Pore cleanser. OMG, I'm sure you've seen this device before. It's that suction thing that you pull across your face and it's supposed to extract all the dirt and clean your pores. Let me tell you immediately it doesn't work at all. Maybe this one is not strong enough, but after this one I can't see myself buying any other. It's all a scam to me.
Essence brush cleansing spray. To be honest, I used this one for brushes that had liquid products on them so I would dissolve it a bit before cleaning. However, lately I noticed I don't use it at all so I'm getting rid of it. It's a good product which worked well, but I just don't use it anymore.

OK, that's finally it. My hands hurt from typing. What's your favorite and the worst product you used up this year?

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