09 January 2016

Essentials: Nails

There are few items you need to have if you want to have great nails and manicure. This depends on what kind of person you are - 'nail art lover' or 'decent manicure is enough' - but here are some pieces I find essential.
Sealing top coat by Essence, Matte top coat by beauty uk, Protecting base coat by Essence
What you absolutely need to have are base and top coat. Well, top coat is optional but it does provide extra shine and it protects your manicure. I think base coat is a must-have because it protects your nails and prevents them going yellow due to usage of dark colors. I also added a matte top coat here since it can really change your manicure and make it stand out.
Color Expert Nail Lacquer #02 by Golden Rose, Color & Go #144 Black is back by Essence
Black and white nail polish. These two (non) colors are the base for everything else. They are so neutral but painted on the nails they are the most statement colors out there. You can do lots of manicures with just these two nail polishes. They are also great for drawing and all nail art you can think of.
7 days long #855 by Deborah Milano, Max effect mini nail polish #59 Silver Me by Max Factor, Color & Go #189 New York City call by Essence,  The Nudes #08 Crunchy Cake by Essence, The Nudes #10 Nude sweet nude by Essence, The Nudes #05 Pure soul by Essence, The Nudes #03 I'm lost in you by Essence
The nude collection! I think nude tones are perfect for days when you don't feel like putting much effort in your manicure or when you just can't decide which color to choose. These are really neutral and can be perfect for any occasion.
Color & Go #113 Do you speak love? by Essence, Color & Go #114 Fame fatal by Essence, Color & Go #115 Redvolution by Essence, Lasting colour #11 by Miss sporty, unbranded
Red power! Now red is a bit more bold color but will look great on both long and short nails. It is also a perfect color for all nail shapes. The darker you choose, the more elegant it will look. My opinion. Choose this color for any elegant combination. (I think it will look great even with pink dress.)
The gel nail polish #43 Girl's best friend by Essence, Lasting colour #35 by Miss sporty, Paris nail lacquer #69 by Golden Rose, Nail art twins glitter topper 2 #02 Julia by Essence
Crushed crystals #04 Oyster & Champagne by Catrice, Nail art special effect! topper #22 Black dress and white tie by Essence, Effect nail polish #31 Rebel by Essence, Care + strong nail lacquer #165 by Golden Rose, Get more #115 by Smart girls, Nail art twins glitter topper 2 #03 Clyde by Essence, #195 by S-he, #280 by S-he
Effect top coats. I'm more a fan of silver than any other color when it comes to top coats so I have these four. This is totally a matter of your preferences. There are so many effect top coats so you can really find your favorite one. 
Nail files, brushes and dotting tool
An absolute must-have for nails is nail file. I don't think you can have good nails without taking care of their length and shape.
For any nail art, essentials would be brushes (ordered from eBay here) and dotting tool (order one on eBay here).

That's all folks. I hope you liked this. Rate and comment below!

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