24 January 2016

Himalaya's face wash

Some time ago, I received a face wash by Himalaya. It is Purifying neem face wash for normal to oily skin. They say it's "specially formulated to give you clear, problem free skin, a soap-free, daily use face wash gel that cleanses your skin by removing excess oil and impurities without over-drying".
I was using it for about two months (I didn't use it every day) and now it's time for a review.
So, good thing is that this really cleans your face. It's basically a normal soap but you can use it on your face (usually other soaps are to rough for facial skin). I first exfoliated my skin and then I applied this and rinsed it off. My skin was soft afterwards; also very refreshed. I did like how it makes only a bit of soap foam - enough for you to see it and feel it, but not to much to be a problem for your eyes or mouth. But! That's only if you get the water-soap ratio right. I did not like that. I never figured out how much my face has to be covered in water and how much of this soap should I put on. Another thing that was kinda weird is the fact that it's gel. It's hard to apply gel on your face and spread it around quickly.
I did use it really close to my mouth and on my eyelids, but I would not recommend doing this as your organism might react differently and it may be too irritating for your eyes.
And something about the ingredients... I read that neem is a plant that's pretty important in cosmetic world as it is antibacterial. Not that it's important, but it comes from India and countries around it. Other ingredient there is turmeric which helps with acne and pimples.
Verdict? It's a good product. I'm not wowed by it but if you realize that Himalaya makes all natural product, this could be a great thing. We all want natural products on our skin, so you just might like this.
I got a small, 15 ml, tube only as a tester. As it came as a gift from my local drugstore, I don't know the price (sorry).
There are other face wash products by Himalaya so check them out.

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