12 January 2016

New stuff on this blog

Hi you all!
I love that you read this and keep coming back. I want you to know I'm planning ahead and I already have some posts in my mind to share with you guys and girls.
The fact that I have more readers made me want to improve my blog a bit. This is why I'm planning on some series of posts so I would really write about everything and so I wouldn't be restricted by the length of my posts (I already started my "Essentials" series. All tags and labels are on the left).
Also, I was thinking about doing some Q&A's here. This would be the personal note of this blog which I try to keep kinda professional; all about products and my reviews on them, some tips and so on. I was thinking maybe you would want to know something about me so there's a good way to do it. Write your comments and questions below every post or on my twitter page (link on the right).
Also, I added a new page on this blog. There's "About me" page on the left side (Barbie up, language settings below and then pages). You'll find out basics about me there.
If you have any ideas or suggestions for following posts or my blog in general, comment below.

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