20 January 2016

Total repair extreme hair mask

Since I like dying my hair, especially hair tips (ombre, balayage and stuff like that), they became drier than the rest of the hair. Luckily, I didn't have any split ends, but still my hair needed some help.
I tried to choose my magic helper by reading all the ingredients but, as I know almost nothing about it, I chose it by the things they stated this helper should do.
"Total repair extreme mask for damaged and dry hair. Extreme results: Full recovery. Brings back resistance. Infinite softness all to the tips." This is how they presented L'Oreal Paris Elseve Total Repair Extreme hair mask (sorry for the French pages, they are French after all).
Do I agree? Like every other product, this one too has it's good and bad sides. I do have to admit, it has a lot more good sides. So, I'll start with them. It's really easy to use it - spread it evenly on all wet and just washed hair (especially on hair tips), leave it on for 2 or 3 minutes and rinse it off. That's it. Results? Your hair is instantly softer. So much softer you can feel the difference immediately. Another great thing is it's not oily so it won't grease your hair in few hours. But what's really amazing is the smell. It smells so great that I could use it as a perfume or a room freshener. Well, not exactly but it really smells great which is a big deal if you're using it on your hair. I got compliments on my hair scent for 3 days after washing it with this mask.
There are only 2 things I didn't like about this mask. If you use it on your hair roots as you are supposed to (spread it evenly on all the hair), you will see that your hair gets greasy faster than usual. As long as you use it from the end of your hair line to the hair tips, you're good. Those parts won't look or feel greasy at all. Another thing is that it's not a permanent solution. It really helps your hair but only from washing to washing. If you stop using it, you won't see the difference; like your hair got nothing from it. Both of these 2 bad sides I could easily overcome as it's a great product after all.
As you can see, mine is almost empty.
And I bought this 300 ml for about $7. I've been using it since October 2015 every time I washed my hair and that's how many uses can you have!
Verdict? I would definitely recommend this hair mask. As long as you use it regularly and on your tips, your hair is supposed to look renewed and soft and shiny.
What's your hair like? Do you use any special product? Have you tried this mask? Comments below lovelies. Thanks!

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